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Yemen: Will the UN Refugee Agency defend its reputation after the donors’ fund used to hurt refugees in Sana’a?

Sana’a— At least two refugees arrested over the last three days in connection with a protest to UNHCR Yemen over the refugees and asylum seekers difficult conditions.

Over the last 10 weeks, dozens of women and children protested to UNHCR Yemen over lack of access to and delivery of basic needs services.

Security guards of International Relief & Development (IRD), a UNHCR-linked NGO kidnapped Mohamed Khalid Yusuf, a tribal Chief and head of the ethics for the Somali community in Sana’a for speaking out against the UN injustice and community leaders’ mismanagement.

“Security Guards employed by the UN’s partner IRD came to my house at 9:00 AM last Sunday while I was away and took my husband with them, and his whereabouts are now unknown,” wife of Mr. Yusuf said.

Dahabo Abdi Farah (Dahabo Soyan), who is a community leader and her deputy leader Ifrah Mohamed Adam with the help of IRD-guards took away Tuesday at noon a refugee protester Mohamed Abdullahi Hirsi (Mohamed Yemeni) from Safia neighborhood, according to an eye-witness.

The UN-employed security guards went more than ten times to the house of the elders’ head Abdulkader Ahmed Hassan whom UNHCR accused of unwilling to sit with the UNHCR local staffers.

Elders say they would share their complaints against the local staffers only if the UNHCR Yemen’s international staffers were present and would not engage any dialogue with the local staffers who would revenge against them and put their lives at risk after exposing their fraudulent activities.

Daho Soyan ordered the arrest of nine women and kids that launched a violent protest last week. The IRD-guards and Dahabo’s security friends used excessive force against the refugee’s women and their children beating them severely before jailing them in Bilili detention center at Souq El Samak temporarily.

To avoid the next day’s protest at the Bilili prison the security police intended to relocate the detainees, but no single other detention center accepted to receive the women and the children and they spent all night on a vehicle that was moving around Yemen’s capital city-going one prison to another before returning to Bilili detention center at dawn again.

A Yemeni court in Sana’a ruled the injured women and the children innocent and they were released.

Somali society was sundered along tribal lines by Dahabo last week-she armed her tribeswomen with machetes to defend her position in the UNHCR-linked NGO.

Refugees fear local UNHCR staffers Laila Mohamed Abdulrabo, Mohamed Omer, Najla Daen and Muna Alhaj and others are behind the arrest of the protesters and their organizers.

A list of people that protested to UNHCR Yemen was handed over to Soyan and Adam and all these kidnapping and detentions are being used in the name of UN and being used the donors’ fund to be hurt those already suffering refugees and asylum seeker due to the prolonged conflict, says a protest who asked not to be named.

These arrests came after the U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres denounced the targets against human rights defenders, activists and journalists a week ago, but the difference is: The UN is targetting activists and journalists for highlighting the plight of hundreds of refugees and asylum-seekers from the Horn of Africa.

Refugees say the elders had not bowed to Dahabo Soyan at a time everybody was asleep and would not do so after everyone wakes up to say, no to the corrupt that make their daily business spying on refugees.

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