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Yemen: UN receives millions of dollars from Refugees and Asylees for its resettlement programs

Sana,a—The United Nations Refugee Agency in Yemen receives millions of dollars from their refugees and asylees in Sana’a, Yemen annually as a fee for its resettlement programs.

Mona Al Hajj and Mohammed Omer, who work as Protection Associates at Community based at UNHCR Yemen receive dozens of people for resettlement every month and charge 3,000 U.S dollars per person through middlemen.

But other service members are working with these local staffers who originally hail from Ethiopia and regard themselves as mixed-race.

This work has become normal in UNHCR’s office in Sana’a and UNHCR office in Geneva failed to address this issue properly.

The Agency said Thursday it is temporarily suspending its programme for the resettlement of refugees

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