Yemen:bama’s Parting Gift to Terror

Barack Obama saved his parting gift to terror, his worst crime, for last, the War on the Yemeni People. Obama’s last war has
institutionalized a failed state and which will continue to inflict terror and suffering on 25 million Yemenis for generations to come.

When the Saudi army began its aggression against Yemen, Obama seemed only a reluctant partner, but behind the scenes the military support by the US quickly showed otherwise.

Thanks to SaudiLeaks amongst others, we know that Obama was behind the
invasion in the first place for what US President could allow a
government allied to Iran to take over one side of the strategic choke
point Baab Al Mandeb, the straights between the Indian ocean and the
Red Sea.

Asia and Europe are the biggest trading partners on the planet and
control of the shipping lanes through the Baab Al Mandeb through which
their trade must pass is a strategically critical necessity for the
USA in its continued quest for international  dominance. The day the
USA loses control of the Baab Al Mandeb marks the beginning of the end
for Pax Americana.

Opposite Yemen across the Baab Al Mandeb lies the Eritrean coast, some
1,000 kilometers of it heading north. South lies Djibouti, and what is
left of the once great Pan Africanist country of Somalia, now
Puntland, Somaliland and Somalia.

Historically, the USA opposed Eritrean independence and continues to
be hostile towards the Eritrean government, having pushed sanctions
through the UN after accusing Eritrea of “Support for Terrorism in
Somalia/Al Shabab”, something Wikileaks has exposed as a fabrication.

Obama and his cronies could not stand by and watch as both sides of
the Baab Al Mandeb saw the loss of US military dominance. So the
Saudis were given the green light and seeming infinite supply of
western military hardware as well as massive logistic support,
including aerial refueling to maintain the bombing campaign of terror
against the Yemeni People.

Since the Saudi aggression the lives of the Yemeni people, already
desperate for a large minority, have seen the majority of Yemeni
children now suffering from malnutrition due to the aid blockade and
bombing of vital infrastructure.

All of this being armed and provisioned by the USA and its
international minions.

The so called “Saudi Led Coalition” that has invaded Yemen includes
the United Arab Emirates, which has pretty much stopped fighting the
Houthi/President Saleh coalition and is now focusing its efforts to
defend itself from Al Queda on the Arabian Peninsula and Da'esh

The UAE’s war against Da'esh and Al Queda is receiving logistical
support from Eritrea in the form of use of the Port of Assab and its
environs, next to the Baab Al Mandeb.

Saudi Arabia is stuck in a quagmire in Yemen, Saudis Vietnam. Egypt's
refusal to join the Saudi invasion of Yemen comes from the early
1960’s and Egypt's eventual defeat there and has been an important
factor in the recent rift between Egypt and Saudi.

With the collapse of the US/Saudi imposed Hadi regime in Yemen
conditions grew ripe for the AQAP and Da'esh to rush into fill the
power vacuum in the South. AQAP and Da'esh in Yemen are made up mainly
of Saudi fanatics driven out of their home country by the House of
Saud into exile in Yemen where with quiet Royal Family support they
have survived amongst the southern, Sunni based secessionists.

The new Godfather being coronated in the USA has called for the fight
against ISIS etc. to be a priority so maybe Trump’s Capo’s in Defense
and the State Department/CIA may intervene more directly than under
Obama. US troops are already on the ground in Yemen “fighting terror”
so an escalation could easily be forthcoming from the Pentagon and
Foggy Bottom.

Today, the war against the Yemeni People rages on, and thousands of
Yemen children have died of starvation while scattered by war across
their country. Never knowing when their mothers will be slaughtered
when the USA made bombs rain down on a village market, or the slow,
hopeless terror of starvation. Obama has saved his worse gift to
terror for last in Yemen.

Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea, living and
reporting from here since 2006.

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