Yeman:Car accident leaves one person dead‏

05/11/2013( At least one person is reported to have been killed while four others wounded in a car accident taken place in a rural area close the Town of Ma,reb north of Yemen as some local witnesses confirmed for mareeg news online earlier Today.

This vehicle is believed that it was carrying a number of Somali Immigrants towards the Yemeni Saudi border but turned over in a mountain area after the driver lost Control.

Late last night, the victims were taken to small village close the area where a natural treatment is said to be contributed by the local residents.

This area which is known as Sal ban is a desert located village where Immigrants pass to Saudi Arabia illegally and it is hard to know what really happened over there because of luck of communication.

Any how, it is not the first Time that such awful casualties are reported but the question that goes around the Millions of people is what forces these people to put their selves in such danger?

Liban Osman Qassem ( Lucky-Man)

MAREEG News Online.