Worldcup:Mogadishu and Hargeisa, People are Up Waiting Eagerly for the Match Between England and Italy

Even though they are ready to watch the game, most people here in Mogadishu are supporting Italy. The game is drawing influence and attraction in both southern Somalia and the northern part of the country.

In Mogadishu and in Hargeisa, people are preparing themselves for the big game which is part and parcel of the World Cup 2014

Tournament in Brazil. The match is due to start at 01:00 EAT and millions on fans will be watching the match on different television channels around the globe.

Moreover, this match has special magnetism among the Somalis who love watching soccer. Italy and Britain were the former colonial masters of Somalia as they used to have colonies in Southern Somalia and Northern Somalia respectively.

According to reporters, 95% of people in Mogadishu are in support of Italy. Supporters have already overcrowded cafeterias with immense screens and the situation is different than the last nights’ situation when other matches in the World Cup were being played.

Mowliid Abdulle is one of the real fans of Italy. He told Dalsan Radio that almost all of the people who are at the place where he is waiting the match are Italy supporters and that they hope tonight Italy will beat Britain.

Italian Army officers who are staying here in Mogadishu for some days for a visit will also watch the match at where they stay and are supporting their men –Team

Italy. On the other hand, Dalsan Radio reporters in Hargeisa said people in Hargeisa City and other parts in North Somalia will support Britain who does well in soccer.

People of Somalia have regained their independence from Britain and Italy 54 years ago. The supporters in Southern Somalia and those in Northern Somalia seem to be more interested in the match than the players themselves! But time will tell which team between the two teams will emerge the winner