Workshop on Inclusive Plan for Special Needs of the Disabled People in Education With the support from GCE and the collaboration with the MOE, theCSOs, education stakeholders, education umbrellas, and national youth,women, and disability support organization, today Education For AllSomalia (EFASOM) has successfully started a 2-day workshop onInclusive Plan for Special Needs of the Disabled People in Educationthat will end tomorrow. The objectives of the workshop are:-  To ensure that no child is denied admission in mainstream education-  To ensure that every child would have the right to access schooland no child would be turned back on the ground of disability.-  The focus is the inclusion of children and youth with disabilitiesin mainstream education institutionsThis workshop is according to our implementation plan in December2013. After a discussion with the EFASOM members, we shrank theduration into two days and the workshop will conclude on 1st January.We also contacted an independent consulting firm to facilitate theworkshop since highly delegates will come to end. We invited 25participants from:MoE , 3 membersEducation Umbrellas, 10 membersWomen organizations, 3 membersDisability organizations, 5 membersYouth organizations, 3 membersUN staff (UNICEF), 1 memberThe MOE officials, Mr. Daud Mohamed Makaraan, Director of MOE Sectionof Education Umbrellas, and one of top UNICEF officials from theEducation Sector: Mr. Mohamud Hashi both explained the importance ofspecial needs of disabilities in education. Education umbrellaspledged to support disabled people by providing scholarships.The workshop is covering following topics: Strategies (preparinginclusive plans); Definition of disabilities; Scope of the Problems;Pathways to inclusion; Strategies (preparing inclusive plans); Lessonslearned by disabilities stakeholders; Barriers and challenges forchildren with disabilities – Brainstorming; Developing of inclusiveplans by the governmental, non-governmental and other relevantstakeholders; UN Conventions of disabilities and child rights;Recommendations for action by stakeholders;.One of the output of the workshop will be a recommendation and pressrelease on Inclusive Plan for Special Needs of the Disabled People inEducation.The training will be finalized tomorrow.We hope everything will be easy.Happy New Year.Best wishes,Adam MohamedCoordinatorEDUCATION FOR ALL