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There were early warnings of impending disaster. Smith Hempstone, the U.S. ambassador to neighboring Kenya at the time, noted in a diplomatic cable that was later leaked to the press that he had heard estimates he did not think unreasonable that it would take 5 years to get Somalia not on its feet but just on its knees.
I do not think Somalia is amenable to the quick fix so beloved of Americans, he wrote. And he warned of violence to come against U.S. troops.
If you liked Beirut, you’ll love Mogadishu, Hempstone warned in the cable that ended with this advice:
Leave them alone, in short, to work out their own destiny, brutal as it may be. … Think once, twice and three times before you embrace the Somali tarbaby.
…Smith Hempstone

I can do any Goddamned thing I want.
I’m President of the United States.
I take care of my friends
And I fuck with my enemies.
That’s the way it is.
Anybody who doesn’t like it can take a hike.
—-Bill Clinton

Samuel Wilson, a former political worker in Clinton’s second campaign for governor, remembers the candidate encountering a critic at a campaign appearance in a small town. After the critic told Clinton he was nothing but a “two-bit politician” and then walked away, Clinton turned to a campaign aide and said “write down the name of that motherfucker. When I’m back in office, he’s a dead man.
—Bill Clinton

We’re not inflicting pain on these fuckers,
Clinton said, softly at first.
When people kill us,
They should be killed in greater numbers.
With his face reddening,
His voice rising,
And his fist pounding his thigh,
He leaned into Tony [Lake],
As if it was his fault.
I believe in killing people who try to hurt you.
And I can’t believe
We’re being pushed around
By these two-bit pricks.
—Bill Clinton

Who are these
Whom Clinton called fuckers?

Who are these People?
What did he mean by people?
Which people?
Again Somalis!
What did Bubba mean by they?
Who are they?
Again Somalis!

Who are the two-bit pricks of Bubba?
Again Somalis!

The two-bit pricks
The Habar Gidir Clan!
As Togane calls them
The Habar Kinter KKK

And pray do tell us
What exactly have the Habar Kinter Klan done

To Bubba
To Bill Clinton
To Uncle Sam
To the President of the USA
To the Leader of the Free World

To the American Arsenal of Democracy
To the American Arsenal of Freedom
To the Land of the Free
And the Home of the Brave

General I-Did
The Boss of all the Bosses of Mogadishu
Ill Capo di Tutti Capi of the Hawiye Habar Kintir KKK
And his ragtag Militia brought down
The Black Hawks
Of the Almighty Army of the USA

General I-Did and his Habar Kintir have done

The unimaginable
The Unspeakable
The unthinkable

The Impossible
The improbable
The imponderable

What General I-Did and his Habar Kintir have done
What General Giap had done in Vietnam
What America never expected
What America dreaded the most
What General Mao Zedong had always preached
That America is just a paper tiger!

That still haunting humiliating defeat
That General I-Did and his Habar Kintir have dealt America

That Somali Davidic victory
Over Goliath Gorilla Goon GÛN America
Is celebrated today all over Somalia

As Black-Hawk-Down Day
As the day the American hunter became the haunted hunted!
As the day when the American fuckers got fucked
As the day when Bubba Clinton got mugged in Mog
As the day when Bubba got mogged in Mog

As the day Bubba dropped the soap in Mogadishu
And got raped
Until his sphincter got ripped
Until it reached the same size as Texas

That Somali Davidic victory
Over Moloch
Over Goliath Gorilla Goon GÛN America
Is celebrated today all over Somalia

As the day Somalia had shown
As the day Somalia had proven

That the American Emperor is

And full of shit!
And full of baloney!
And full of horseshit Hooey!

When the Black Hawks came tumbling down
Out of the Somali Clear Blue Sky
All of Mogadishu turned out

To rejoice
To jeer
To cheer
To laugh at the hairy lilywhite asshole of Bubba!

Allahu Akbar!

How the mighty have fallen
And the weapons of war perished!

Ragow kibirka waa lagu kufaa kaa ha la ogaado!

O Bubba
O America
Pride goes before destruction
And an haughty spirit before a fall
O Bubba
O America
Pride made you come a cropper
And don’t you ever forget that!
O Bubba
O America
Pride cornered you into your comeuppance
And don’t you ever forget that!
The Somali crowd began to stone Bubba
For daring to cross the Habar Kintir Mogadishu Line
Even though Bubba was already dead!
The Somali crowd dragged the dead body of Bubba
In the dusty back alleys of Mog

The Somalis were furious for they had remembered
How Bubba would fly in his Black Hawks
Over the Uncovered bathrooms of Mogadishu
Each and Every afternoon

Jerking off
Jacking off
Playing cinque contro uno
Beating his meat

With impunity
With glee

As he watched
As Bubba ogled
The naked Nubile Somali beauties
That is
How Bubba got off his jollies every afternoon in Mog!

Bubba would ejaculate yelling
Hot dog!
This beats Hugh Hefner
This beats his Jew Playboy!

This is just as good as the Djibouti Booty Patrol!
This is how I shake my booty every afternoon 24/7

Bubba used to call this
His Mog Private Pussy Patrol
His Mog Nookie Nacho Nosh!

I am telling you
Bubba was over there in Mogadishu enjoying himself
Bubba found that most thrilling
Bubba believed he was over there
In the Horn of Africa because he was

So horny!
So young
So full of jism!

Bubba believed he was shipped over there
Not to fight but just to fuck himself funny foolish

Bubba was
Over there

Now dead Bubba’s nether parts were on display in Mog
And the whole world was watching it

Prime Time!

On Fox News


In Shooting An Elephant
George Orwell confesses

The crowd would laugh at me
And my whole life
Every white man’s life in the East
Every white man’s life in Africa

For every Honky in Africa thinks he is Tarzan!
And no nigger native dare laugh at Tarzan!
Every white man’s life in the East
Every white man’s life in Africa
One long struggle not to be laughed at

And now here was America’s finest
And now here was Bubba
And now here was Uncle Sam
And now here was America
And now here was Tarzan
And now here was Superman
And now here was

The Only Super Power
The one and the only GloboCop

And now Somalis mogged Bubba in Mog
And now Habar Kintir had undressed him
And now Fuzzy Wuzzy was fucking Bubba!
And Somalis were now laughing
At his unwashed dirty derriere!
At his hairy honky hiney!

We Somalis had committed the unpardonable sin
And America refuses

To forgive
To forget
To kiss cuddle and makeup

And that is why America has now
Her African coons
Her house niggers
Her merciless mercenaries

From Abysmal Abyssinia
From Uganda
From Kenya
From Sierra Leone
From Burundi
From Rwanda
From Djibouti
From all over Africa
In Somalia
Just fucking every sassy saucy Somali lass

They are all
Over there in Somalia
Overpaid by Bubba

With bigger pricks than Bubba to boot!

Raping our Somali women
Whom they call Mogadishu Mangoes!

And now every nigger in the world dreams of going
To Somalia
To taste that Fabled Bodacious Luscious Juicy Mogadishu Mango

And Bubba is shaking now with laughter
Taunting Somalia and all Somalis thus:

Hey, Skinny, you wouldn’t let me shag your sister
How do you like it now
That I am making
That I am siccing on
My black Dobermans on your sister!

Hey, Skinny, you wouldn’t let me fuck your sister
How do you like it now
That I am making

My buck niggers
My African coons
My house niggers
My houseboys
My Buffalo Soldiers
My mercenary Meshugana Museveni Mules
Put the boots to the Somali bodacious bitch!

My African coons bark
When I say bark!
My African boys bite when I say bite!
My Ugandan boys fuck
When I say
Fuck Skinny’s Somali sister!

I just love watching them Ugandan Museveni bucks
Putting the boots to Somali bitches!

Those Ugandan Museveni mercenary Soldiers
Whom I Bubba rented to fuck Somalia and your Somali Sister
Cost Uncle Sam a pretty penny

Yoweri Museveni
The Dictator of Uganda’s net worth
$11 billion
Thanks to the Deft American Diplomacy of Dollarism

And that makes Mercenary Museveni
The sixth richest man in the world!

See what you made me do
I nearly broke the bank of America
To get even with you two-bit pricks!

How do you like them Mogadishu Mangoes now!

I know
You killed a lot of my Museveni Mules
You lynched a lot of them
You dragged a lot of them
In the dusty back alleys of Mog

But excuse me
Who gives a flying fuck
When niggers get killed?

They ain’t lilywhite like me!
They coal black like you!

When you dragged my sacred white dead derriere
In the back alleys of Mog
It was
The leading news
On CNN Prime Time
Because I am white!

Don’t you know, Skinny, that
When a nigger dies
Nobody dies
For nobody gives a flying fuck!

When a nigger is killed
Nobody is killed

Mark Twain broke that news to the whole world in Huckleberry Finn

When a nigger kills another nigger
It ain’t news
It’s good riddance!
It ain’t going make it on CNN Life!

Don’t you know, Skinny, that
When a nigger dies
Nobody dies!

Don’t you know, Skinny, that
A good nigger is a dead nigger!
I say
Die nigger Die!

It warms the cockles of my Bubba heart
I look forward
With Schadenfreude
I love
To see Somalis suffer so for so long
To see Somalis dying so needlessly

Every single day

It wasn’t the Good Lord who said
Vengeance is mine
I will repay!

It was I
It was I
Bill Clinton

Chew on that
As you daily chew your Jat!

…..Mohamud Siad Togane

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