Western Ambassadors to Somalia Appeal for All Armed Forces to Withdraw from the Disputed Areas within Sool and Sanaag Regions

Mareeg.com-United Kingdom Ambassador to Somalia Neil Wigan, United States Representative for Somalia James P. McAnulty, and European Union Special Envoy to Somalia Ambassador Michele Cervoned’Urso express profound concern about the deployment of armed forces within disputed areas between Somaliland and Puntland.

“We call for the immediate withdrawal of armed forces from the
disputed areas of Sool and Sanaag regions, and call on all actors to refrain
from violence.We urge restraint and oppose the use of force. All parties
must make immediate efforts to resolve their differences through peaceful
dialogue and demonstrate genuine willingness to create the conditions necessary
for long-term and durable stability in the region.”

The UK Ambassador, U.S. Special Representative, and the EU
Special Envoy urge the Somaliland and Puntland authorities to collaborate with
local communities and find constructive ways to address jointly the economic,
developmental, and humanitarian grievances of the populations of the disputed
regions, without prejudice to their competing claims on these areas.They
express their commitment to help all parties to seek compromise and work toward
durable peace and stability in the region.