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We Somalis became independent nation before we have learnt who we really are!

As any other nation on earth we Somalis can never escape from our history; it really shapes our future and will ever continue to shape it according to circumstance and time unless we try to lift our thinking little higher and start thinking the unthinkable.

Most of the information we have today came to us as legends (sagas) and we not only accepted them without discussion but hold them as sacred in our hearts. My article is going to be a gift to you, my fellow Somalis who are now busy preparing the 57th anniversaries of both 26th of Jun and 1th of July. You always remind me Nuurdiin Farah’s statement; “Somalis have now started believing in the falsehood they used to entertain themselves”.

And I consider celebrations of 26th Jun and 1th juli is a part of the falsehood many of Somalis have believed in. On the other hand, when you look at the behavior of the so-called Somali presidents in regard with their claiming of an authority over a people and territory where they even cannot pay an official visit. Let me give a concrete example concerning to this issue; Farmaajo claims an authority over Hargeisa so does Siilaanyo of Hargeisa to Laascaanood while Abdiwali Gaas of Puntland to Gaalkacyo.


So, this may seem that there are some elements of truth in Nuurdiin Farahs statement. Whenever I try to study where our problem lies, I am confronted and disturbed by facts on the ground, we have lost our identity.

And although we became independent before we have known who we really are, it seems right now very difficult for us to start seeking our identity, because we are unable to recognize it if we find it. In this respect, it is better to accept who we are now instead we mistakenly take an identity which is not our own. But, as a nation who are we now?

Who are we now?

We are a nation which always bears any identity given by whoever wants to use us as a means to an end. Even those of us who have the mental capacity to understand where the trouble lies can hardly get the time and the energy required to analyze it in order to grasp the true nature of the trouble. For to accomplish such a task, one needs to have a knowledge and enough experience for the past and the present.


The future is said to be a child of a marriage of past and the present, this does mean that the future of any nation will always bear the DNA and the Genes of the past and the present and that is why we Somalis are unique. Somali nation can’t be reconstructed by the fragments of the remains of the last Somali Republic without an expert architecture.


Neither Farmaajo nor Khayre does seem to play the role of an expert architecture right now for two reasons: one is that before they came to these high positions they hadn’t have clear plans and the other is that they still are unaware of they are imitators of their predecessors, they fallow the footsteps of the previous leaders. But, what they can do, in my point of view, is to lay down the foundations of a strong nation if they could only lift their thinking little higher and think the unthinkable. What does this mean?

Thinking the unthinkable!

What I really can deduce from Farmaajo and Khayre’s official talks is that they are going to be the rebuilders of a new Somalia and I think that is a positive though, but I see that they lack the material required to the construction of a new Somalia neither do they know where they can find. First and foremost, the material of the construction of a new Somalia is a new story which can bind this scattered nation together.


Making such a story they need to get composers of their own, I mean people who not only have knowledge of this and that but limitless intellectual gifts.


The statement “thinking the unthinkable” is the acceptance how little one can know so that he allows other individuals who can do better to do the job. By lifting their thinking little higher, Farmaajo and Khayre need not more than 30 well-educated Somalian scholars of different qualifications.


I am sure they will only ask you to open your hearts, listen to them carefully and take serious to the results of their works. Let me tell you that my advice is only a result of my daily observation to your actions both internal and external and came to the conclusion that you, Farmaajo and Khayre, in order to overcome the political and cultural challenges before you, need only to do two things:


1. To admit your ignorance by thinking the unthinkable.

2. Make your actions impersonal by fighting against your egos.

Finally, what Farmaajo and Khayre need is not to change Somalis, but only how they think needs to be changed and then adopted to today’s Somalis.

Cali Amiin

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