We must show Somalis they are not alone,” President tells key international partners as military campaign gains new ground

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19 March 2014****Mogadishu** Somali communities in newly liberated areas devastated by Al Shabaab

must receive immediate humanitarian assistance, His Excellency

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said today in a high-level meeting

with Somalia’s most important international partners.

The President emphasized the need for immediate humanitarian

assistance and praised the Turkish and UAE Red Crescent organizations

for the aid being provided to communities in serious need.

“We must show the people they are not alone,” the President said. “The

people need to see help coming rapidly and they need to know that more

is on its way.”

Updating international partners on federal government support to the

ever-expanding newly liberated areas, the President said:

“Government ministers have already visited newly liberated areas to

assess the situation and establish short-term local community needs

and this will continue in earnest. Cabinet ministers have also been allocated

responsibility for different regions and some will be deploying on a

more permanent basis to assist local communities and administrations.”

The UN’s Special Representative of the Secretary General, Ambassador Nick Kay,
announced UNSOM was providing $3m worth of support to the Ministry of

Interior’s stabilization programme.

“We send our very strong congratulations to the Somali National Army

(SNA) and AMISOM for the recent military successes,” Ambassador Kay

said. “This is the most significant and geographically extensive

operation since AMISOM began. We really think it’s a turnaround for

the country.”

Ambassador Mahamat Saleh Annadif, Special Representative of the Chairperson of the
African Union, briefed the President on Al Shabaab’s destruction of local
infrastructure, including even water facilities and wells. AMISOM has been engaged
in installing new water facilities as they and the SNA together seize more ground
from the retreating terrorists.

The President noted that the security architecture in Mogadishu was

strengthening with the recent establishment of the Joint Operations

Centre, manned by AMISOM police and military, SNA and Somali police and the National
Intelligence and Security Agency.

The high-level meeting also included His Excellency Farah Abdulkadir,

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the UN, AU, EU, UK,

Swedish and Norwegian ambassadors.


For further information or enquiries please contact:

Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow)

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Office of the President of the Federal
Republic of Somalia

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