Was security minister Forced to Resign or He Resigned on His Own?

Mareeg.com- This came barely after some hours from the attack which Alshabaab carried out at the parliament.

Mareeg Credible sources obtain by  Dalsan Radio that President Hassan Sheikh who is in Pretoria South Africa where he was attending the swearing in ceremony for President

Jacob Zuma who was re-elected for another term in office, spoke to Minister Guuleed on the phone and urged him to resign as he failed to deliver.

Minister Abdikarim was said to be the first aide of President Hassan and they both belong to Damul-jadiid Party. Guuleed is the first minister from this part to resign from his position. Also, he used to be Interior Minister for the Abdi Faarah Shirdon’s government. Sources say, the president and this minister who resigned tonight know each other very well as they both used to work for an educational institution in the country for more than 20 years On the other hand, President Hassan

Sheikh Mohamud was interviewed by  Radio Mogadishu  and he said in the next few hours, changes will take place as strict measure will be done by the leaders of the country. “We would also like to tell the Somali nationthat a change will happen in the next few hours which is the beginning and will be followed by other  changes and we need unity and solidarity at this time”. President Hassan Said. It is anticipated that the president will come back to the country tomorrow.

Analysts believe that President Hassan will involve in a scandal if he fails to do a substantive change within the commanders of the security forces and if he fails to distinguish the government and Damul-jadiidParty whose members hold the most important posts in the government institutions and offices