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VOA Somali Service accused of interviewing an Al-Shabaab sympathizer and reporter Mr. Karar Aadan Rokoow.

Fanole Human Rights Organization (FAHRO) that is registered in Boston, Massachusetts USA; Nairobi, Kenya and Somalia is a reputable regional peace, democracy and human rights protection organization that safeguards
the establishment of a culture of human rights in all spheres of life. FAHRO being non-politically aligned to any faction group, and being non-partisan stands on the pillar of truth and integrity in carrying out
its activities.
In this regard, FAHRO strongly condemns the actions of VOA Somali Service of interviewing an Al-Shabaab sympathizer and reporter Mr. Karar Aadan Rokoow. During the interview, Mr. Karar Aadan Rokoow was reported to have
said that he works for Fanole Human Rights and Development Organization (FAHRO) based in Jubbaland, Somalia. He is also reported to have ndicated to VOA that he was a partner to Human Rights Watch and UN Somali
Monitoring Group through FAHRO.
This interview conducted by a VOA Somali Service journalist Mr. Hashim Sheik Omar Good, based in Boorame Somaliland on November 18th 2016 through ‘Youth Program’ erroneously portrayed FAHRO as partnering with a sympathizer of Al-Shabaab.
I would like to take this early opportunity to categorically state that: i. FAHRO is a reputable organization carrying out human rights and democracy programs in Somalia and Kenya also registered in Boston,
Massachusetts USA.
ii. Since VOA Somali Service was launched, the channel has had cordial working relationship with FAHRO including interviews and talk shows;
iii. Mr. Karar Aadan Rokoow has NOT and is NEVER working for Fanole Human Rights Organization, neither in Somalia or anywhere else;

iv. VOA Somali Service did not bother to seek clarification from FAHRO Chairman who is well known in VOA circles about the authenticity of the information given by Mr. Karar Aadan Rokoow;

v. Mr. Karar Aadan Rokoow is a member of Al-Shabaab supporters where he works as a reporter and is responsible for recruiting children and youth in Garbahaareey, Gedo region in Jubbaland Somalia into terrorism training
and deployment.
vi. Fanole Center, during its monitoring and documentation programs in Gedo region on December 6th, 2015, documented Mr. Karar Aadan Rokoow as a perpetrator of human rights violations and criminal activities;

vii. Al-Shabaab supporters Mr. Karar Aadan Rokoow was also arrested by Ethiopian Troops under the framework of AMISOM and Jubbaland administrations in Garbahaareey Gedo Region for suspicion of recruiting child soldiers and enrolling them into the Al-Shabaab training camp and militarization program and also he is against peace stabilization in the
region and the Amisom principles in Somalia.
viii. FAHRO Chairman’s attempts to contact VOA Somali Service Director Mr. Abdi Yabarow over the inaccuracies in the reports associating Fanole Center with Rokoow have not yielded fruit as the Director is not interested in the truths, but is hiding behind ethnic loyalism.
I therefore on behalf of FAHRO community call upon the VOA key Executives in the USA to instigate thorough investigate
Ions on the conduct of the VOA Somali Service officers in respect to promoting, abetting and covering human rights violations and acts of terrorism through clanism and other criminal activities. FAHRO also requires VOA Somali Service to publish on its website, broadcast and other media that the said Al-Shabaab supporter Mr. Karar Aadan Rokoow does NOT work for FAHRO and neither is he associated in any way in any of FAHRO’s activities whatsoever.
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CEO,Chairman of the Organization
Ali Egal
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