somalia:Villa Somalia’s Chief of Staff may resign and seek for another position- Sources to inside source spoke to Dalsan Radio, the Chief of Staff of Somalia’s Presidential Compound of Villa Somalia Kamal Dahir Gutale is nearly to resign from his position after serious rift with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.
Mr Gutale has become popular on the news since he was appounted as the Chief of Staff of the President Mohamud’s election in September 2012. Mr Gutale has attracted a wider condemnations following his incompetence in his job as the Chief of Staff of the president while many local elders abd politicians who have visited the president’s office were disheartened by the behavior of the President Mohamud’s Chief of Staff.

Mr Gutale, who has never served in any government office before his 2012 nomination as President Mohamud’s Chief of Staff is now intending to resign from his position and wants to campaign for the post of the deputy governor of Benadir region insider source said.

“Mr Gutale is no longer willing to remain in office after his was decreased status last month when President Hassan returned back from his leave to Turkey.” the source added.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who was very upset in the behavior of his Chief of Staffe has recently appointed a new officer as the co-manager of his Cgief of Staff in order to work as a parallel officer with Mr Gutale. This has made Mr Gutale discontented with his job and pushed him to think of his political future.

“The new Chief of Staff is only identified as Thabit.” the source added.

One of the Somali politicians who visited the president’s office last year has revealed some amazing events he witnessed as he said that the Chief of Staff were discriminating the officials and politicians willing to see the president. He was also very upset that the Chief of Staff was carelessly executing the heavy duty he was assigned without even taking care of the president’s schedule of work hours.

Speaking to Al Hayat Arabic newspaper, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud last year revealed this saying that “he only went to bed around 2.00p.m as he comes in office at 8.00a.m in the morning” making a good example that the country’s presidency lacked to employ a policy of delegation of responsibilities.

Meanwhile analsysts now worry if president Mohamud tasks his failed Chief of Staff to the deputy governor of Benadir, a position which needs a competent and experienced individual in this crucial period that Mogadishu faces.