Villa Somalia attack was to kill or detain the president.” says Alshabab spokesman spokeman Sheikh Ali Dere said yesterday’s attack on Mogadishu presidential palace was to meant to kill or detain Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

Speaking about the main aim of the group attack Ali Dere confirmed that mission was accomplished.
“The initial plan of the Mujahidin was to arrest or kill the leader of apostates,” he said.

Ali Dere also said the attackers succeeded in crossing all the check points in and around the presidential palace jeopardizing the security of the president.

“The Mujahidin have reached where we planned but lots of more attacks are coming.” He said.

Twelve people killed including Mohamud Hersi Indaase the chief staff at the prime minister’s office and Noor Shibow former head of Somalia intelligence when Alshabab militants attacked the Mogadishu presidential palace famously known as Vila Somalia on Friday. Source