USA should offer solution plan for Ukraine with military

Read Time:4 Minute, 16 Second blame game between USA & its European Allies on one side and
Russia on other side (mostly out of ego & arrogance than substance)
will be forgotten by rest of the mankind after few years but what will
not be forgotten about Prez Obama (A)- By the mankind, if at the end
of the day Ukraine does not remain same united country territorially
and (B)- By Americans, if sons of Americans are sent in harms way (by
sending them to war in Europe) without any valid reason. Therefore,
Prez Obama, instead of banking on further dialogue with leaders of
various countries, should come out with plan solution with military
consequences (and not merely ineffective economic consequences) well
before March, 16 referendum in Crimea (Ukraine) as given below:-

(1)- USA has to understand that rest of the mankind love and respect
USA because of its ‘exceptionalism’ (as was told by Prez Obama too in
2013 UN speech related to Syria) where USA is trying to serve the
cause of human rights all over the world through four policies of
Democracy, Federalism, Secularism and free-market-economy.

(2)- If the leader of Free-World (also the predominant economic &
military power) USA will not guarantee the territorial integrity of
about 200 UN member countries (most of which practically have no power
to resist if their neighboring powerful countries want to annex them),
then the global political order will collapse.

(3)- Any body who is living in USA and is watching and reading
prominent electronic and print media must have noticed that the
Americans are still obsessed, and ludicrously, with Europe (may be
because white Americans, the powerful majority of USA, originated from
Europe). Rest of the mankind also must have noticed that how much
absurdly USA & Allies and even Russia are talking when they say that
this country or that country of Europe has stakes and interests in
Ukraine hence policies about Ukraine should be decided accordingly.
When will the governments and people of these countries (USA, its
European Allies and Russia) understand that Ukraine is a free country
and its people have a right to decide (in a federal constitution)
whether they want to deal economically etc with Europe or with Russia
or with any other country (like China, Brazil, India, Australia, Japan
etc) ?

(4)- Russia has not burnt the bridges. Despite complains otherwise
from USA & Allies, the Russian government still maintains that it has
not sent its armed forces in Crimea and what is there is only 25,000
military personnel as per old treaty. Moreover, Russia has already
said categorically that it does not want territorial dismemberment of
Ukraine. Despite Russia’s common cause with USA & Allies on this issue
if Crimea still goes for referendum on March, 16, the USA & its
Allies and Russia need not be over sensitive on it. In India also
people have seen such things in Kashmir and North – East but it does
not matter in the real sense of the term.

(5)- Therefore, without wasting any more time USA should offer the
following solution with clear warning that if it is not followed (may
be with some acceptable suggestions from directly interested parties
and other UN members) then there will be military consequences in the
interest of protecting the territorial integrity & Federal, Secular
Democracy of Ukraine:-

(i)- Generally on the lines of February 21 Agreement (underwritten by
Germany, France, Poland by signatures and by Russia by consent)
between ex-President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders of
Ukraine with the addition of ‘Federalism’ (where each State will be
free to decide on economic matters whether it wants to deal
economically with EU or with Russia or with any other member country
of UN) – will be the basis of elections in Ukraine which will be
before year 2014 end as per this February, 21 Agreement.

(ii)- Elections should be held under ‘Transitional-Government’ (of say
40 persons) in which persons in equal numbers from last government and
present government should be there. For example, these persons can be
selected from list of say 30 persons provide by each regime (out of
which 10 persons can be vetoed by other regime). These 40 persons can
elect the head of the government etc under the observance of
representatives from UN, USA, Russia, and EU .

(iii)- These elections should be held in Ukraine under the observance
of United Nation Election Commission.

(iv)- The fate of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych regarding any crime
(allegedly committed by him, including during violent protests in
which people were killed) should be decided in proper impeachment
proceedings where under Article 111 of the Constitution of Ukraine the
Constitutional Court / Supreme Court should to be involved.

It is hoped that Prez Obama will realize that – “[The immense
indignation being presently felt by Americans is mainly due to the
reason that the role of USA as the leader of Free-World is not being
taken seriously by many countries]”. The Americans are not interested
in wars per-se but certainly are interested in restoring the
credibility of USA as the leader of the Free-World.

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

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