USA not understanding – Sunnis may go Shia way with their ‘Ayatollah’ as Supreme Leader his hastily planned trip to the Middle East, US Secretary of State
John Kerry has sought to highlight how the territorial advances of the
‘Islamic State in Iraq and  the Levant’ (ISIL, Iraq atleast up-to if
not including Baghdad and Levant for Syria and part of Jordan and
Palestine – also known as ISIS, last S for Syria only) pose a grave
threat not just to Iraq, but to the region as well. No doubt Sec Kerry
is right as far said threat to present regimes is concerned. But USA
is not trying to understand the problem and is giving solution without
understanding the true nature of Islam. Therefore USA will be able to
broker  peace in the region only when it takes the following into

(1)- First and foremost USA should understand that among four major
human blocks (civilizations, namely Christian, Islamic, Chinese and
Hindus) only Islam believes in keeping temporal power of State under
the authority of Religion ( Islam). The Christianity preaches to
concentrate on Kingdom of God (heaven)  and not of earth because
Prophet Jesus Christ was in no position to challenge the military
power of Rome which was then ruling Israel  (that is why Christianity
talks of offering another cheek if someone slaps you on one cheek and
also says that meek will inherit the earth – these Christian preaching
were extolled in India by Mahatma Gandhi, who thought that India was
also in no position to challenge the military might of Britishers).
The Chinese traditionally has taken King as God and preaching of
Confucius buttress authority of temporal power.  The Hindus having
Lord Rama and Lord Krishna as Kings and even Buddhism and Jainism (
who’s God / Prophet came from kings / princes, hence never asked their
followers to subdue the Kings / State).

(2)-But Islam is different. Prophet Muhammad also fought wars and won.
It is not a matter of coincidence that (if mismatch between their
resources of arms, ammunition equipment etc is taken into
consideration) Islamic militants have proved to be better fighters (in
terms of their resolve) than State militaries. In Iraq handful of ISIL
militants overwhelmed Iraq military in 1:15 fight. In Syria the States
of international community could not come to the rescue of Sunnis but
it is only Islamic militants of various hues who are fighting Military
of Syria. In Afghanistan during cold war it was not military of
Pakistan but Islamic militants like Mujaheddin etc promoted by
Pakistan which brought victory to USA against USSR. In Kashmir it is
not Pakistan Government which is keeping Kashmir issue alive but Islam
which, as per media reports, laid down the lives of ~ one hundred
thousand Muslims for Kashmir.

(3)-  Historically mankind has debated about desirability of having
Saint – Warrior or even Philosopher-Kings but both do not change the
traditional State power. Whereas Islam is different and basically a
religion which is never at ease unless it keeps traditional State
power under the authority of Islam. This is the main reason that all
over the world substantial part of Muslims do not like superpower USA
for the simple reason that US President (though a civilian) is
perceived to be a King / Emperor. This problem has been solved to some
extent by adopting a constitution as adopted by Iran after deposing
Shah of Iran where religious leader Ayatollah is constitutionally the
Supreme Leader of Iranian State. The only problem Islam is still
facing is that it has not been able to make Sharia (Islamic Laws)
modern (Human Rights friendly in relation to women and also in
relation to punishment to certain offenses).

(4)- The USA should also understand that this basic principle of Islam
(where temporal power is kept under the authority of religion) has a
romantic attraction and appeal for the people especially in democracy.
The people who have come out of the rule of Monarchs (Kings and
Emperors) through democratic revolutions and other sufferings want to
see someone who they trust to keep the traditional State power under
his / her authority in the interest of the welfare of the people. Had
elected representatives in democracy (who are CEO or Head of States)
fulfilled this yearning of democratic countries, the Islam would have
lost much of its elan and appeal in political matters. But due to all
pervasive incompetence and even corruption of these elected
representatives in authority,  Islam has especial appeal where
religion is considered to be capable of keeping temporal power under
its authority for the welfare of the people.

(5)- If ISIL enforces and / or promises to enforce human rights
friendly Sharia (Islamic) laws  in Levant  and a constitution for
Sunni Levant somewhat like of Shia  Iran [with little modification,
where its supreme religious leader (may be with another name than
Ayatollah) will be constitutionally Supreme Leader (elected by
electoral college of Sunni  religious leaders and mainly by National
Guards) under who’s direct control the National Guards (other than
State Military under Prime Minister) will be there who will be no
other than Islamic militants like ISIL] – It will trigger such a
political Tsunami (not only in NAME countries but also in other Sunni
Muslim majority countries all over the world including in South and
East Asia and who all are about two third of Muslim population) that
the present rulers of these Sunni Muslim countries will be swept away
within no time.

Therefore  USA can broker peace in NAME region in particular and
across globe in general (in relation to Iraq – Syria crises) only when
it understands said basic nature of Islam and yearning of Muslims all
over the world.  by Hem Raj Jain