USA Moves Toward Major Intervention in Yemen

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The USA, according to Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis, he who
ordered the use of chemical weapons in Fallujah, Iraq, is about to
take a major step towards direct intervention in support of the Saudi
Arabia war on the Yemeni people.

According to Jeffrey St. Clair, Editor of Counterpunch, this war has
already seen 90,000 Saudi airstrikes on Yemen, or one every 12
minutes, 123 a day for two years now. With direct US military
involvement it will only get worse for the USA has been limiting its
involvement to fueling, arming and target selection for the Saudi

The UN and the international media claim only 12,000 or so deaths in
Yemen but this just doesn’t add up. If there have been 90,000
airstrikes that means that only one Yemeni is killed for every 8
strikes? They must take us for idiots, or more likely, just to
ignorant and brainwashed to know better.

One airstrike is a big deal, for it involves the use of several
thousand kilograms of high explosives, enough to incinerate an entire
village. And then there are the cluster bombs in their thousands, and
the hundreds of markets bombed…so if only 3 Yemenis have been killed
per air strike then we are talking upwards of 250,000 dead Yemenis and

Doesn’t this match the toll for the first two years of the US invasion
of Iraq in 2003 and isn’t just going to get worse with US involvement?
There is a huge crime being committed in Yemen and the UN and its
cronies in the so called “human rights movement” are helping cover it
up with their ridiculous death statistics.

Never mind the tens of thousands of Yemeni children already dead and
buried from the US backed Saudi enforced starvation blockade of food
and medicine to the Houthi homeland.

The US has to protect its national interests in controlling the Bab Al
Mandab chokepoint between the Red Sea and Indian Ocean through which
passes the trade of the two biggest international partners, Europe and

The US may have become a second tier trading partner but militarily
“Mad Dog” Mattis is not going to sit by and lose control of the
region. The US has a airbase in near by Djibouti and most likely
planning permanent bases in Yemen to aid the incoming onslaught of US
military might.

Already moves are underway to increase direct US military involvement
in Somalia, the other key link in controlling the “Gate of Tears”.
First comes Mad Dog Mattis calling for an increase in airstrikes, then
on the ground coordinators, “training officers” and in the end, direct
military intervention by the US, as Somalia itself continues to be
rocked by insurgency and famine. What possible good can come from an
aerial onslaught on the Somali people by the American Luftwaffe, whose
so called “smart bombs” seem to inevitably find targets containing
Somali women and children.

Famine to the left of Bad Al Mandab, famine to the right of Bad Al
Mandab, it seems a famine policy is being enacted by Pax Americana and
its lackeys at the UN when it comes to the Horn of Africa.

So expect no mercy when it comes to the US military directly involving
itself in Yemen. Drone strikes will continue, with some most likely
based directly in Yemen, though does Pax Americana really want to give
ISIS and Al Qaeda an available target by putting American boots on the
ground in Yemen?

And always off shore lurks the the US Navy’s Indian Ocean Fleet
supported by its base at Diego Garcia, striking without warning
anywhere they choose in Yemen, never mind the dead women and children
by now in the hundreds of thousands. Many tens of thousands of new
airstrikes, so many that the munition makers in the US are putting on
24 hour shifts. The US airbase at Camp Lemonierre in Djibouti will be
ramping up operations and the US will be taking out of mothballs their
bases in Saudi Arabia. It is as if the War on Iraq is being fought all
over again, except this time against the poorest, hungriest of the
Arab peoples, the Yemenis.

Saudi Arabia is stuck in a quagmire in Yemen, easy to get into and
very difficult to get out of, just as Egypt did in the 1960’s, what
President Nasser was to call “Egypts Vietnam”. The US recognizes the
fact that the Saudi war is going nowhere, with out a single major
objective recaptured since the start of the war. Al Qaeda and ISIS are
growing in strength, taking advantage of the vacuum of power existing
in the Sunni communities in Southern Yemen who are actually fighting
for independence. The so called “Government” of Yemen, if you can call
a government based in a foreign country any such thing, is little more
that a mouthpiece, with no effective fighting forces on the ground in
southern Yemen thanks to the Saudis failing to provide the salaries of
its fighters. No pay, no way, their families have to eat so its back
to doing whatever it takes to buy food for their wives and kids and
that was the end of “Governments” army.

So its South American mercenaries guarding the UAE facilities, Saudi
troops and a handful of Sudanese troops caught between the battle
hardened Houthi fighters and their allies in the Yemeni army loyal to
former President Saleh and Al Qaeda and ISIS with all hell to pay.

What is the US going to do, sit back and watch their strategic partner
in West Asia, or asset really, the Saudi’s, stuck in a swamp of their
own making with no apparent way out?

The USA seems intent on going where history has proven only
catastrophe awaits, into the tribal conflict in Yemen. As a result the
world should expect half a million or more dead Yemenis in this war
against the Houthi tribes and their supporters as well as untold
starvation deaths of Yemeni children.

But no matter the unimaginable suffering the Yemen people suffer,
their tribal differences must be put aside, as in reunification in
1990, and lift themselves out of the failed state they exist in today.
There are those who do not want this to happen, for crisis management
is the policy of the USA when it comes to the Horn of Africa, as in
help create a crisis the better to manage control of such an
international critical choke point, the Bab Al Mandab. As in Somalia,
the USA prefers chaos to a strong, independent Yemen able to interfere
in Pax Americana’s control of the Gate of Tears.

Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea, living and
reporting from here since 2006. See thomascmountain on Facebook or
best contact him at thomascmountain at g mail dot com

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