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US-backed troops seize key town from Al Shabaab

MOGADISHU – US backed special forces of Somalia have managed to re-capture key area from al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab, after an operation.

The Special Forces known as ‘Danab’ dislodged Al-Shabaab militants from the town of Malaylay on the east of Jubba River in Lower Jubba region.

Malaylay was a staging point for al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab.

Somali military says its forces would continue librating towns held by Al Shabaab.

The group’s militants retreated and regrouping outside the town, a military official, who asked to be anonymous, said.

Last week, Somali army forces seized truck full large explosives, which were described as large-ever orchestrated bomb attack likely to target Mogadishu.

The al Qaeda linked group lost key towns to Somali army aand African Union troops in Somalia, after joint military offensive.

The group still holds large swaths in south and central where believed to launch its deadly attacks on the coalition forces and key areas and public gatherings in the Mogadishu.


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