Unified Palestine, through One-State-Solution should help (i)- Israel to come out of Xenophobia

Mareeg.com-Last week development in Middle East where Hamas of Gaza strip and Fatah of West Bank have joined hands to form a unified Palestine government is a welcome development but it needs to be taken to its feasible, logical and sensible end, as given below, if Palestinians want to solve permanently the chronic gory Israel – Palestine problem (which has disturbed the entire humanity in one way or the other) :-

(1)- Palestinians should understand that though Palestinians (out of their over-estimated reliance on effective support from entire Muslim world) reacted to it in clumsy and unnecessarily violent way. But since the days of ‘Balfour Declaration’ of 1917 due to their highly irrational, one sided, discriminatory and unjustified policies, Israel and West (USA & Allies) have lost the initiative and clue to solve Israel – Palestine problem and further initiative to solve this problem has to come from Palestinians only.

(2)- No doubt immense injustice has been done to Palestinians who were majority in Israel – Palestine but by the use of brute force were driven out of their land in the name of Holocaust and other injustices to Jews in Europe (though Palestinians had nothing to do with these cruelties to Jews in Europe). But now whatever has happened in past should be buried by Palestinians and they should demand and work for One-State-Solution of Israel-Palestine problem.

(3)- The two state solution (where Israel is demanding a Jewish State) is such an absurd and legally highly objectionable concept that if some one [including from Israel and West (USA & Allies)] still believes in it then he is simply assuming that remaining mankind is so duffer that it does not understand any thing about politics & State matters.

(4)- While working for One-State-Solution, Palestinian leaders will have to satisfy Israel and West (USA & Allies) with their promise that not only they will live peacefully under Rule-of-Law with Jews in one Secular State of Israel – Palestine but will also persuade other Muslim countries to support in every way the one state of Israel-Palestine.

It is hoped that the Palestine leaders (from West bank and Gaza strip Mahmoud Abbas, Ismail Haniyeh, Azzam al-Ahmad, Moussa Abu Marzouk etc) would come out of their past (where they also have been acquiescing to un-patriotic Two-State-Solution] and would endeavor to solve Israel-Palestine problem with One-State-Solution (which is the only solution) so that a problem which has caused so many wars, bloodshed including 9/11 and its gory aftermath can be solved once and for all.

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)