UNHCR is concerned over the mass arrests by the Kenyan police against Somali refugees

Mareeg.com-UNHCR in Kenya is concerned at the wave of arrests that have taken place during the week end in Nairobi, following recent terrorist attacks in the capital.

The police sweeps were concentrated at Eastleigh neighbourhood where the majority of urban Somali refugees and asylum-seekers live and where some of the

attacks occurred.   UNHCR has been informed that those arrested are held at various police stations as well
as at the Kasarani Stadium.In line  with its mandate, UNHCR has sought access for itself and its partners to the detained refugees and asylum-seekers. This access will allow UNHCR to properly identify refugees, asylum-seekers and others of concern. It
will also allow the agency to provide assistance to the detainees and obtain
their release where appropriate. UNHCR  understands the security concerns of the Government of Kenya and the steps  taken to protect the people who live in the country including asylum-seekers
and refugees.  UNHCR appeals to the law enforcement
agencies to uphold the rights of all those arrested and to treat them in a
humane and non-discriminatory manner.Of the 550,980 refugees and asylum seeker in Kenya, 50,800 mostly Somali live in Nairobi
Asylum-seekers and refugees are to be protected against arbitrary arrest
and detention, including the right to have the reasons for their detention
reviewed by a court of law in a timely manner