UN welcome the arrest of aboubacar sidiki diakite for conakry national stadium

NEW YORK, United States of America, December 21, 2016-APO-The United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Zainab Hawa Bangura, welcomes yesterday’s arrest in Dakar, Senegal, of Mr. Aboubacar Sidiki Diakité, alias “Toumba Diakité”, in relation to the events at the Conakry national stadium on 28 September 2009, which left at least 156 persons killed or disappeared and resulted in at least 109 victims of sexual violence.

Sought for his alleged role in the events, Lieutenant Aboubacar Sidiki Diakité, “aide-de-camp” of former President Moussa Daddis Camara, an international arrest warrant had been issued against him and he has been a fugitive from justice since 2009.
“The arrest of Mr. Aboubacar Sidiki Diakité represents an important milestone in ongoing efforts by the Government of Guinea to establish the truth and ensure accountability for the crimes committed in September 2009, including sexual violence crimes”, Special Representative Bangura said.
“What this arrest signals is that you can run but you cannot hide, as justice will always catch up with you. The international community will work as long as it takes to ensure perpetrators of these crimes face justice”, she added.
Recalling the conviction of Hissene Habré in Dakar in May 2016, Special Representative Bangura also congratulated the .

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