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UN snubs to sanction on Al Shabaab

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The UN Security Council has on Thursday rejected listing of Somali armed group Al Shabaab to 1267 resolution over risk of severe hunger in Somalia.

The council refused Kenya-backed resolution which aid agencies say would have “criminalised humanitarian aid” at a time when 18% of Somalis face the risk of severe hunger.

Somalia’s ambassador to the UN, Amb. Abukar Osman commended the Council Members for rejecting what he called as ‘unjustified’ listing of Al Shabaab to 1267 resolution backed by the Kenyan government.

Osman says 751 UN resolution targeting Al Shabaab, including the ban of illegal charcoal trade in Somala which is the lifeline of the group to finance its operations in the region.

However, Kenya has been urging the UN to list Al-Shabaab under the same sanctions as Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State groups.

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