Ukraine government again betrayed Ukraine, at Geneva

Read Time:3 Minute, 32 Second a group of people who agitate in anti-corruption movement in
any country are taken to be selfless and patriotic people. But the way
such people [who, since 2013 end, participated in anti-corruption
agitations in Ukraine and who are presently in its government, with
Turchynov as President and Yatsenyuk as Prime Minister, after violent
protests and coup just after their February, 21 Agreement with ex-
government, which dislodged President Yanukovych] have profoundly
betrayed Ukraine second time, as explained below, raises serious and
genuine suspicion that the present government is nothing but some
rabble-rousers who all along have been interested only in getting
power for themselves even at the cost of Ukraine and its territorial

(1)- Notwithstanding hullabaloo created in media and elsewhere about
military power of Russia and about military powerlessness of Ukraine
and about unwillingness of USA to put Americans boots on ground and
about helplessness of European countries in the face of their
dependence on petroleum products from Russia, – it does not require a
genius of political science and military affairs to understand that
had the Ukraine government ordered its military to not give up even an
inch of its Mother or Father land Crimea (till the last soldier and
till the last drop of their blood) then within no time of such
slaughter of Ukraine military by Russia, the USA and EU would have
been constrained to come at the immediate rescue of Ukraine,

(2)- Here it is pertinent to add that USA has been allowed to get away
with the loss of Crimea to Ukraine. But people should not forget that
USA the so-called leader of free-world is under legal (and not merely
moral) obligation to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine
under ‘Budapest Memorandum of Security Assurance of 1994’ under which
~ 2,000 nuclear weapons were snatched from Ukraine.

(3)- Moreover it wouldn’t have been the first time in world history
that patriotic military would have been fighting to the last soldier
and to the last drop of their blood for protecting the Father / Mother
Land. But Ukraine government preferred to loose Crimea without
shedding a drop of blood and without firing a shot. Now second time on
April, 17 the Ukraine government has betrayed Ukraine at Geneva, where
it never raised the issue of retrieving Crimea from Russia.

(4)- The propaganda by USA, EU and Ukraine government that they are
trying to pressurize Russia by sanctions etc so that Russia does not
take further territories of Ukraine – would and should fool no one.
Every one knows that the best way to pressurize Russia this way is to
demand Crimea back. So that what to talk of taking more territories
from Ukraine, it will put Russia under tremendous and effective
pressure, once Crimea is demanded back by these all. This will get
international support also because such problems (of demand of
referendum and secession) are there in many countries, who all are
concerned with Crimea merger with Russia, without any mandate of
proper international law at UN).

(5)- Before Geneva meeting of USA, EU, Russia and Ukraine, mainly four
demands have been there from Russia (i)- Ukraine will not join NATO
(ii)- Ukraine will not join European Union (iii)- Russian language
will be second national language in Ukraine and official language of
its States with Russian speaking majority (iv)- Federalism will be
incorporated in the Constitution of Ukraine for economic and other
civilian matters.

(6)- Russia over and above Crimea, practically got all its four
demands but thanks to Ukraine government of self-servers, the retrieve
of Crimea was not even discussed at Geneva. Of-course in return the
government of Ukraine got the reward that it may continue in power for
some more time. Now whatever will happen in Ukraine in coming future,
will only be a drama in which USA, EU, Russia and present government
of Ukraine will play political games with huge media propaganda but
the patriotic people of Ukraine (if there are some left in Ukraine)
will weep silently and may be helplessly on this high treason and
betrayal of their Mother / Father land.

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

67, Heath Ct, Pennington,

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