Somalia:UK Provides Shelter Kits for 140,000 Vulnerable Somalis Displaced by Drought

British Ambassador to Somalia David Concar delivers aid to Somali official in a past event in Mogadishu.

MOGADISHU (Mareeg) — Emergency shelter kits, funded by the UK Government, have started to arrive at ports in Somalia.

According to UK embassy in Mogadishu, the 20,000 kits will provide shelter for 140,000 drought displaced Somalis across various regions in the country.

In addition to protecting families living in harsh conditions, they will provide a level of security and protection for some of Somalia’s most vulnerable people. 

The UK government has provided over US$1 million to supply these kits, responding quickly to an increase in the number of displaced Somalis.This allocation alone will provide support to almost a seventh of those displaced as a result of the current drought. The kits will be delivered to families in the coming weeks, in partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). 

Following the arrival of the first batch of kits into Somalia, Head of DFID Somalia, Phil Evans, said:”Drought related displacements continue at an alarming rate, posing risks to some of Somalia’s most vulnerable families. It is critical that we address the issue of shelter as a matter of urgency. That is why I’m pleased that we have been able to provide this extra help.”

The humanitarian situation in Somalia remains critical – with over 943,000 people displaced since November 2016. This number continues to rise. 

The UK has been leading the way in the drought response.Early action has helped avert a famine so far. To date, the UK has committed over US$250 million in emergency relief and supplies. The provision of shelter kits is the next step in UK support to Somalia’s most vulnerable.

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