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Uber:Riding over the festive season

Uber runs a successful model called dynamic pricing, which allows users to get a ride when they need it most – especially during the busiest nights of year, like New Year’s Eve or after a big sporting event


NAIROBI, Kenya, December 8, As the party season kicks off, we are faced with the perennial challenge: how are we going to get home once the celebrations are over?


Although it is much easier to be responsible, many people still drive under the influence. We have covered the basics of getting around over the festive season, so you can always make the safe choice.


Plan ahead

Think your after-work drinks may include a few more glasses than expected? Plan in advance and take an Uber (Uber.com) to work. You can even schedule your ride in advance so you don’t have to worry about breaking the festivities until your driver comes. Or, if the party takes you by surprise, rather Uber home, leave your car at the office and pick it up over the weekend. While this may seem like extra work at first, it is a lot less costly than compromising your safety and the safety of others by drinking and driving.


Know that you’ll get a driver, even in peak times

Over festive periods, there is often a fear that there won’t be enough drivers to go around. As an ever-growing and evolving platform, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Uber runs a successful model called dynamic pricing, which allows users to get a ride when they need it most – especially during the busiest nights of year, like New Year’s Eve or after a big sporting event.


During times of peak demand, it is important that there are enough driver-partners on the platform to accommodate those looking for rides. For this reason, Uber increases fares to encourage more drivers to come onto the platform.


The dynamic pricing algorithm automatically increases prices to encourage more driver-partners to come onto the platform and cater for the demand. When demand and supply are in line, prices quickly return to normal. You will know when dynamic pricing is in place, because you will be notified from the moment you open the app, and reminded as you request your trip. Dynamic pricing ensures there are cars available whenever you open the app.


Safety features

We are committed to safety and want everyone to feel confident that Uber is a reliable choice this festive season. Our technology makes it possible to make safety improvements that were never before possible prior to Uber. When a driver-partner accepts your request, you see his or her first name, photo, and license plate number. All rides are tracked using GPS and you can share your ETA allowing loved ones to see your trip in real time (even if they don’t have the Uber app themselves).


Cash is safe

Don’t have a card? No problem! You can still ride with us and pay in cash. Simply choose the CASH option, take a ride and pay the fare directly to your driver at the end of the trip. All trips with Uber are GPS tracked and we know your location throughout every trip to ensure safety for both sides. We have also encouraged them to do regular deposits and keep as little cash on them as possible (by using their cash to pay for fuel and supplies). To date we have not seen any increase in targeted crime in any countries running a cash payment options.


Need help? We’re always here for you

We know there may be times when you need to get in contact: a purse left in a car or possibly an incorrect fare. Now, getting in touch is as simple as using our platform. We’ve created a global network of support centers to provide 24/7 support. Our simple, easy to use in-app Help function answers all your questions. Just tap “Help” and all the information you need is right there at your fingertip.


Have fun, without worrying about your ride

When it comes down to it, the festive season is all about being carefree. It’s about taking care of the little things so you can have a good time. By taking advantage of ride-sharing options at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about parking, tipping the driver (our partners  keep most of the fare), being ‘over the limit’ or how you’re going to get home. When it is this fun, easy and available, there is no reason not to make the responsible choice.


Distributed by APO on behalf of Uber.


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