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Uber plan for London is 100% hybrid or fully electric

Uber in London will be 100% hybrid or fully electric on uberX with no diesel cars on the app by the end of 2019. We also aim to reach the same standard by the end of 2022 across the UK.


Introducing the Clean Air Plan

Emissions from diesel cars are a big contributor to poor air quality. Many cities, including London, are planning on introducing Clean Air Zones in city centres (such as the Ultra Low Emissions Zone in London) and charging older vehicles – particularly diesel cars – to drive into them. For many drivers, this additional cost would mean driving with Uber in a diesel car was no longer a good way to make money, so they would need to make the transition to a newer petrol, hybrid or electric vehicle in any case.

As a driver, you’re at the very heart of this plan and we’re here to help you upgrade your car. We know this is a significant investment so we’re introducing a Clean Air Fund. This will give you access to a grant of up to £5000 to upgrade your vehicle to a hybrid or electric vehicle (or to a petrol vehicle where hybrid or electric vehicle options are not available, for example for uberXL, EXEC or LUX partners).

We’re kickstarting the fund with a donation of £2 million from Uber. 35p will be added to every Uber ride in London (excluding uberPOOL), 100% of which will go to this dedicated fund for drivers. Similar fees will follow in other UK cities.

Upgrading your car

We’ll be providing you with more information on how you can claim a grant in a few months time  – until then you can register your interest for the scheme using this form.

There will be no change to which vehicles can drive on the Uber app at this time – so your ability to drive with Uber in your current vehicle will not be affected. And we’ll be giving you plenty of updates over the coming months and years as to the status of your vehicle on the Uber app.

The future’s electric

This is just the beginning. Our aim is also for every car using the Uber app in London to be electric by 2025. We’re already working with a partner to install a network of rapid-chargers across the capital, exclusively accessible to drivers who use the Uber app, and we’re working closely with electric vehicle manufacturers, such as Nissan, to provide the best deals for drivers.

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