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UAE committed an act of piracy in Somalia

Gwadar Port was part of DP World’s acquisition quest, as well, but it did not succeed and the Emirati bosses are upset over it like petulant school children.

For those not familiar with DP World’s history, it is a rebranded Dubai entity that came into being after the emirate acquired British-owned port operator P&O in 2006 in a multi-billion-dollar deal. Today it manages about 75 terminals around the world.

P&O played a role in advancing British imperialism and, today, DP World is not averse to performing that role of serving Western expansion projects in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Their expansion projects are too big and pretty much everything is closely monitored by British, American and Israeli intelligence agencies before the UAE makes a foreign move.

Therefore, a recent port deal by DP World to sell a 19 percent stake in Berbera Port in Somaliland on the northern side of East Africa, to the Ethiopian government must not come as a surprise, even if it is a blatant illegal act to subvert Somali sovereignty and federal authority. It clearly shows that the UAE is willing to go to any extent in pursuing its interests on the Horn of Africa, clearly aligned with Western military objectives.Prince, a former Navy SEAL who has launched new shady ventures since his Blackwater enterprise was discredited, should be considered a dangerous global terrorist, but he is able to freely move armed men and weapons using private aviation in Kenya, the UAE and other places. It is no secret that Prince is involved in the UAE, and much has been written about his links to Abu Dhabi’s de facto leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan.

Somalia is alarmed at aggressive UAE activities to make illegal deals for its strategic deals with third parties and support secession in Somaliland.

Unmindful of the realities on the ground as well as the dubious nature of its conduct, DP World continues to suffer from hallucinatory visions of business prospects and investments.

“I am so excited about the prospects of working with the Ethiopian government.” DP World Chairman Ahmed Sultan bin Sulayem said on March 1.

The Somali government has rejected the agreement between the Dubai enterprise and the Ethiopian government.

Somalia’s parliament has passed a vote banning DP World from working in the country. It also described a free zone project the company signed last year with Somaliland as illegal.

Let’s hope Somalia will resolutely thwart the UAE and its mercenaries from carrying out any further acts of piracy in its territory.

* India-based journalist

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