Two terms and no more, says CCJ in landmark ruling

The Caribbean Court of Justice has earlier today ruled by a large margin, 6-1, that Guyana’s parliament acted lawfully when they made changes to the Constitution to limit the Presidential term limits to two.

In the ruling which was handed down today by CCJ President, Sir Dennis Byron, the court said that after examining the historical background of the amendment to the constitution of Guyana, it was noted that it was passed unanimously by the National Assembly during the administration of President Bharrat Jagdeo.

Citing that Cedric Richardson was certainly misguided in law when he decided to challenge the amendments made to Article 90 of Guyana’s Constitution, Sir Byron said; – “The CCJ felt that it was clear that the amendment did not emerge from the desire of any political party to manipulate the requirements to run for the office of President. The Constitution was amended after extensive national consultation and therefore represented a sincere attempt to enhance democracy in Guyana”.

Often believed by some to be a card being played by former President Bharrat Jagdeo, the third term case became a concern for the current administration after rulings in the High Court and the Appeals Court had found favour in Richardson’s argument that the two-term limit was unconstitutional, since it denied him the right to choose a President of his own choice.

After the State would have lost to the Appeals court, the Government subsequently decided to further their appeals to the Caribbean Court of Justice, which ruled today, among other things, that the rulings in favour of Richardson at both the High Court and the Appeals Court in Guyana, were seriously flawed. Source Guyanguardian

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