Two Media owners in Mogadishu under arrested

The National Union of Somali Journalists [NUSOJ] protests the arrest of
two radio directors in the overnight of 11th February 2014 by the
National Security Agency NSA, the latest in a string of cornice against
the media in Somalia.

Members from the National Security Agency NSA detained Mohamed Barre
Haji, the owner and the director of Danan Radio and Ibrahim Mohamed
(Ibrahim Yare), the director of Haatuf Radio in Mogadishu on Tuesday
night. Both radios are independent and privately owned based in

It is not yet clear the reason behind their arrest. Both journalists
were keot in a SNA’s special detention in Mogadishu since Tuesday

Somali government and the officials of the NSA did not comment
publicly on this arrest.

“They were missing since last night. It came to our knowledge today and
we do not know why they were arrested” Journalists from Danan Radio who
spoke on condition of anonymity told NUSOJ today.

National Union of Somali Journalists [NUSOJ] protests the arbitrary
arrest against these radio directors and condemns all sorts of
violations against the press, while it calls their unconditional

“It is unfortunate to learn the arrest of our colleagues and call for
their prompt release,” Mohamed Ibrahim NUSOJ Secretary General said, “It
is unacceptable to detain the journalists illegally and without court

In a separate incident, NUSOJ recalls the Somaliland authorities the
ban against Universal TV and allow this independent television to resume
its operations in respect to the freedom of expression and media