Two journalists among 26 killed in Somalia attack


MOGADISHU, Somalia – Two Somali journalists were among 36 people, who were killed in suicide attack on hotel in Kismayo, a coastal town lies some 500km south of Somai capital, Mogadishu.

A car bomb went off in a popular hotel in Somalia’s port city of Kismayo where political figures and traditional elders were meeting, leaving 26 people dead, police said.

Somali armed group Al-Shabaab said it had carried out this suicide attack.

Journalist Mohamed Sahal Omar, known Ga’ma-Dhere was killed by Al-Shabaab fighters in the attack.

Female journalist, Hodan Nalayeh, founder of Integration TV, was also gravely wounded in Friday’s attack and died in the hospital.

Somali Journalists deeply mourns the deaths of two journalists following the suicide explosion.

Abdi Aziz Hassan Ibrahim is , a somali veteran journalist based in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. Twitter @mareegonline Email: