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Kosovo:Truthful Reporting In The Balkans Is Life-Threatening investigative journalist Parim Olluri knew the assailants who physically attacked him two years ago in front of his house, while the police and other security institutions remained silent. “I sent names to the Kosovo Police as well as to the Prosecutor’s Office, but none of them took any action”, says Olluri. Instead, the politicians, who were identified by the journalist to the police, sent messages to Olluri denying that they were involved in the attack.

“How did they find out whose names I mentioned? This proves that police work in tandem with politicians and they used my testimony to inform them”, says Olluri, adding that the security institutions in Kosovo do not investigate cases promptly and thoroughly, because they are under the control of the political echelon.

As a result, many journalists who are committed to candid reporting in Kosovo and other Balkan countries feel unsafe as it has become normal to be threatened and even physically attacked. The growing intimidation of independent media outlets in Balkan countries clearly points to the pervasive corruption and organized crime in this part of Europe.

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