Top Media coverage for Inter-state tourney inaugural edition

The media coverage for the 2016 Somali Inter-state football tournament has been very high, as local and international media did their best to make a very professional coverage.

“I take this opportunity to thank local media and our international friendly media for spending much time and energy to take what we have been doing before an international audience” said Somali Football Federation director of communications Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar.

Local radio stations, news websites and TVs including the government-owned Somali National Television are commended for the efforts they paid to provide the Somali people with all the news and information about the competition.

“More praiseworthy are the two sports news channels in the country, Access Sports Television and GoolFM which made daily live coverage, interviews and other special programs before, during and after the competition” the SFF director  of communications explained.

Despite the less knowledge and experience, sports journalism in Somalia is now growing and since late last year, Somali-speaking media mostly TVs have been doing live coverage for Somali football competitions.

“Top help our journalists acquire enough knowledge and experience in the  sports journalism, we are planning to organize a national level course for sports writers in the country this year, followed by an international level seminar due next year” Somali Football Federation director of communications Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar noted.

By Omar Wardere

SFF Media Committee member

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