“Think tank”- thief thug, toss the truth. The Heritage Institute for Policy Studies (HIPS)

Mareeg.com-On January 2013, two ‘Ala Sheikh’ members named Abdirishiid Hashi and Abdi Aynte instigated the institute called the ‘Heritage Institute for Policy Studies’ (HIPS).

After the ‘Ala Sheikh’ president Mr. Sharif lost the election in 2012, the Ala Sheikh member emerged with new tactics by forming research institutes to engage the current Somali government political maneuver and to spread Ala-Sheikh ideology. These men are pretending that they are not linking any political or religious groups but only doing research business. They are actually Ala Sheikh Members and they are spreading their ideology. They formed this institution to deceive the international community and Somali people.


The question is what brought them together? Even though they are holding citizenship in two different countries, their religious ideology bonded them. Let’s learn and discover them one by one.

Mr.Abdi Aynte used to reside in Egypt and now lives in U.S.A. He is a journalist who worked for Al-Jazeera and VOA. Currently he is an executive director of HIPS. According to the United Nation Security Council, the recent report indicates that Aynte was a cash delivery chap and wanted to merge Ala Sheikh and Damul Jadid religious group to avoid democracy system arise in Somalia.The intelligent report states that Mr. Aynte was one of two “important carriers of cash donations from Qatar” to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud during his election campaign. In addition, the report also emphasized that Aynte is a “prominent member of Ala Sheikh political and business association of former Transitional Federal Government (TFG) President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed”.


The valid reports of UN stated that Aynte wanted to unite his Ala Sheikh religious group and Damul Jadid. Rumors said that Aynte was an active Member of Brotherhood and recruited many Somali people to join the group when he was in Egypt. It’s obvious that Aynte’s plans were not only merging Ala Sheikh and Damul Jadid, but merged the three ideologies.

Ala Sheikh + Damul Jadid +Brotherhood= Radical. In September 2014, Aynte met Hassan Sheikh at his Ala Sheikh Head quarter in Mogadishu .The intention of the meeting was nothing but to announce Hassan Sheikh’s candidacy in the 2016 election. This is a classic example which the United Nation Security Council reported. Aynte wants to carry cash donations for a second time to support his religious associates, Hassan Sheikh in 2016 election.

Please follow this link to see the meeting events between Hassan Sheikh and Aynte.


Abdirishid Khalif Hashi resides in Toronto, Canada living in subsidized Housing for many years. He was a chief of staff in Ali Khalif Galeyr’s government in 2000. He was also the Minister of public works and reconstruction in Farmajo’s Cabinet in 2010. Currently he’s the deputy director of HIPS.


Hashi has been politically trained by Ali Khalif Galeyr who has a track record of corruptions and ethnic groups. While this man was drifting around and involving in Somali affairs, he became known as (Octopus) which means he has many fingers to navigate between his ideology beliefs and clan members. He hooked one finger in Puntland, one in Jubaland, Cumar Abdirishiid, and one in Ali Khalif Galeyr. When the government restructured Hiiraan state, Hashi didn’t comment or credit the government’s effort at all. After the leader of Raaskambooni, Ahmed Madobe took over Kismayo, Hashi called VOA to support his clan associated, Madobe and Jubaland state.


Please click this link to listen the interview.



On the other hand, Ali Khalif Galeyr and his colleagues wanted to topple the current government. Hashi was providing them inside information to guide them through to the finish line. The ‘Octopus’ continuously moved his magical fingers, but this time towards Faroole and Kenya. This was the busiest time for him because Faroole’s mission was to either do or die. In the meantime, Hashi spent more time on the phone with Faroole and his Raaskambooni group to provide them advice and share internal information. Omar Abdrishiid the newly appointed Prime mister was a member of Raskabooni group.


In 2013 Mariam Qasim, the ministry of Education put lots of effort to restore the public education system in Somalia and wants to provide every Somali free education . It’s well known that Ala- Sheikh and Damul-Jadid plundered the public education system in Somalia and converted it into a private system to spread their ideology. They have occupied the public school buildings in Mogadishu for over twenty years to spread their ideology. They also want to prevent the public education system and endure their private system to foster their ideology. Aynte and Hashi released a report to decline the Ministry’s initiative to restore public education in 2013. They were arguing that the education system has boosted by itself over twenty years under religious ideologies, Ala- Sheikh and Damul Jadid private systems.



On one hand, Aynte and Hashi are spreading the Al-Sheikh ideology together. On the other hand Hashi, “Octopus” is taking a part to support his clan members. On December 2014, Hashi appeared on VOA to support the new Prime minster of Somalia, Omar Abdirashiid A Sharmarke. Hashi is supporting his maternal uncle Omar Abdirashid to show his attachment to the clan. Most Somalis have a different perspective about Sharmarke’s appointment as Prime minster, but Hashi denying his track record and arguing his maternal uncle is a well rounded politician.


Please follow this link to see the interview.


Moreover, Hashi posted an article on the HIPS website which titled “How Sharmarke Can Salvage Vision 2016”. The article presents ideas which exaggerate the new Prime Minister’s political vision in 2016 without evidence. Once again, he’s making his maternal uncle seem like something he’s not.

Please follow this link to read the article.


Once again, Hashi appears on his regular media VOA on October, 2014 to comment on his religious resemblance, Al-Shabab. Please click this link to listen to Hashi’s ambiguous answers to the questions about Al-Shabab.


This is clear to many people how religious groups nexus to one another regardless of their group names. Do Aynte and Hashi have a running research business of spreading Ala- Sheikh Ideology? It’s obvious that Ala-Sheikh members, Aynte and Hashi keep on publishing inanity report based on their Ala-Sheikh ideology and they are deceiving the Somali people and the international community. They are pretending they are running research institute, but they are spreading Ala-Sheikh ideology. Is it impractical to call them terrorist?




On November 2014, the president of UAE, Sheikh Khalifa added religious groups on the terrorist list including Al-shabab and Al-ISLAH which is division of Ala Sheikh. This is clear and concise that Ala- Sheikh Members are on that list. The question is, is there any difference among the religious groups regardless their group names? The valid answerer to this question is no. They all decline peace and steadiness and their implication toward democracy is dire. Religious groups engender mayhem, abuse, rape, and murder. Al-Shabab, Al-Islah, and Ala-Sheikh religious groups have an appalling record of human rights and their religious ideology persist to violate human rights. These religious groups, Ala- Sheikh or Al-Shabab are better bonded and have a common ground to put off democracy system. Nowadays, the religious groups notably Ala-Sheikh fanatic, Aynte and Hashi emerge new mafia tactic to deceive the International community and Somali people by forming research institute (HIPS) when they are actually spreading their religious ideology to prevent the democracy system in the country, Somalia. Somali people are liberal and law –abiding society that adopted circular government and now ready to plunge a democracy system. Somali people won’t welcome Ala-Sheikh member, Aynte and Hashi or any religious groups to spread their malarkey ideology. Aynte and Hashi need to stop spreading Ala-Sheikh ideologies in Somalia notably in Mogadishu city and the vicinity. In 2016 election, International community and Somali people should scan every candidate to make sure they don’t affiliate religious groups. Religious groups perpetuate violence, abuse, injustice, rape, and murder. Therefore, Somali people and the international community should be extremely vigilant in the 2016 election.