The value on educational degrees of current political situation in Somalia

After destruction of the education system in Somalia, and political system life in the country seemed so complicated , un employment rates increased that resulted many people to seek opportunities from opening new private schools, the private schools were common to the country during the first 10 years of destruction period particularly since 2005 . The opportunities in opening schools have continued and small private schools were opened every Conner of the country, opening private schools become the first economic source of the country.

Private school become the only economic source that scholars could get and become the only chance of the lost education system, another benefit was lest cost that everyone can afford, many of the private school grandaunts become talented scholars who later thought of opening formal schools .

Many formal schools were opened, and many education umbrellas were opened, that situation gave rise to increasing grandaunts from secondary school. The scholars then opened universities and thousands graduated from the dozens of universities opened in the country. Compared to job opportunities to the large numbers of grandaunts become unbalanced and then any student who graduate universities opted to maintain his study in any area of the world the student can access. African countries including Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia as well as Asian countries were the best suitable opportunities students could go in pursuing their study and then grandaunts from that abroad universities returned the country with the situation unchanged .

Political struggle and unstable security in the country had caused many scholars to stay their houses without doing anything; some of them who could get some money have tried to illegally travel to Europe and some other countries to which they thought of getting jobs.

Due to increasing gradients returned the country as well as increasing opening universities and school and even forming many education umbrellas had resulted of suspecting thousand of degrees claimed by Somali scholars and students.

The number of people having different degrees are increasing the country, so called schools, universities simplified obtaining degrees so easy.

According to the statistical report presented by iftin, A local NGO in Somalia the total number of university graduates in the last academic year was 4,505, 3,013 were men and 1,534 women all these had their university degrees that large of number having degrees in that academic year as well as other academics prepared their degree for the different purposes, some of them getting new jobs while some others who had already jobs prepared degree on getting higher salaries , , discussions of having degrees in parliament members caused most of the people to search university degrees, the employment grades of the government with the compulsory becoming the grade A or grade B was another factor of searching degrees from large number of universities.

No one can classify the fake one or the right one, there is not examinations open to job seekers the only means of getting the job from the government was what is known as (4.5) four point five and the only classification of right degree holder or fake degree holder was clan based system. For that reason some of the degree holders who didn’t find way of getting job from the government opted to becoming teachers and university lecturers.

the only source of income to these people become teaching, and the circumstance have caused Somali teachers to work little pay and worthless of their degrees, the unemployment states of the country , political instability are the major factor of valueless degrees of the scholars .

In Universities and formal school can be seen boom of Cvs and different degrees with the higher experience years most of these CVs are poorly kept and also thrown to the recycles. The first main factor of these setbacks could be attributed to the current political instability of the country.

The recommendation to my short article is that clan based system should be ignored; education system of the country should be reformed.

Ahmed Abdi Hassan (Ashraf)