THE UNACCEPTABLE ATTEMPT TO RECYCLE THE HISTORY OF THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF THE BENADIR. from Jowhar to the Bajuni Islands, inland from the Indian Ocean coast to both banks of the Shabelle River,


The indigenous peoples of the Benadir have suffered from various historic injustices where their land was dispossessed and their resources looted in the more than two decades of civil war and anarchy in the country. Like everybody else the indigenous peoples of the Benadir’s fundamental right to keep the land they lived and possessed for centuries and to establish their own regional state within the boundaries of their original land of Benadir based on historical documents should be respected. On the basis of the above, the people of the Benadir reject, revoke and consider null and void any illegal attempt to rewrite its history Any dream to take advantage of what ever happened in the last 25 years and try to reinvent the wheel, be it among others or among us is doomed to failure. The history of the people and land of Benadir are there and any such attempts to fabricate the demographics of the region will be doomed to failure. However, it was and still is the tolerance and friendly nature of the whole indigenous Benadiri people that has made them great and famous throughout the centuries, and made the Benadir a peaceful and habitable place where people from neighbouring areas migrated to settle. This hospitality should not give these guests the right to change and dominate the land of the Benadiris.

On this matter we ask all decent peace loving Somalis to help and join us in our struggle for this just and noble cause. We also see this initiative as a historical opportunity for the people of the Benadir themselves to work together and unite for the creation of their own regional state. This for sure will strengthen the chance for every Benadiri to live with dignity and without fear in their own neighbourhoods in the future.
On another matter, when in these difficult times the historical and political aspects of the Benadiri question have been totally undermined and its history been distorted and misrepresented, it is shame and unfortunate to see how some so called Benadiri elders/politicians seemingly under direct external influences are betraying the basic rights of the indigenous people of the Benadir. It is also important to note that the Reer Xamar remain historically, culturally, and economically even an important component of the Benadiri people. Under the these difficult circumstances the people of the Benadir have spoken and their message is load and clear. Through their usual format and with unprecedented dignity, in a civil way and with a sense of humor they have expressed their concern through a very recent “Koncerto”. Please watch.


We believe more than ever that we need now a new culture that stimulates Benadiri identity. A culture that shames those among us who tend to make the double deals – “walaalkeeyga iyo walaasheeyda” on one hand and deny the historical facts of the Benadir on the other hand and guess what: just for a selfish self-interest and in exchange for a small fee, or much worse for post nominations. There have also been other attempts by some among us to sell Benadiri “forgiveness” of the crimes committed against the Benadiri people by other tribes in the course of the civil war, again for the sake of self-interest. Shame on them and to remind them that bringing into book those that committed crimes against our people is nonnegotiable and not for sale. Thus, we are making absolutely clear that any attempt from any group to speak or negotiate on behalf of the Benadiri without their consent as totally unacceptable. It has to be made also crystal clear that we will always protect the human rights of the Benadiri people in its integrity and that we are entitled to reject load and clear any attempt to misrepresent the historical identity of our indigenous people.



Burfuule Gaabow

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