The National Unity Party felicitates the nation on Somali Independence Week and calls for national reflection and atonement, 26 June 2014: Today marks the beginning of week-long celebrations to mark our independence from European colonialism. June 26th was the day that our northern regions gained independence from Britain and July 1st was the day the southern regions gained their independence from Italy. July 1st has the added significance of being the day that the two independent regions UNITED to form a national government. The week also celebrates June 27, the day our brothers and sisters in Djibouti gained their independence from France.

The National Unity Party sends its heart-felt felicitations to all the people of Somalia on the special occasions embodied in the week. As we celebrate, we must remember the brave men and women who fought so hard for our independence. We must also reflect on our current sad situation and how far we have strayed from the hopes and aspirations of those men and women who sacrificed so much for us. And given how much we have squandered our independence, the National Unity Party calls for a process of national reflection and atonement to go side-by-side with the celebrations.

The National Unity Party pledges to fully realize the hopes and dreams of those who struggled for our independence. It promises to work tirelessly to revive our sense of unity where we no longer differentiate our people along clan, sect or regional basis. The Party believes that the only way this unity can be made possible again is by empowering every citizen and strengthening his and her rights within a truly democratic system of governance.