The Gangster Head of the WHO

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The head of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom
Gebreyesus, was a senior capo for the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front
(TPLF) gangster mafia that ruled Ethiopia from 1991-2018. During that
time he served as Health Minister and Foreign Minister, cementing his
credentials as a member of the inner circle of what was one of if not
the most corrupt, brutal and genocidal regimes to set foot on this
planet in the past 30 years.

From 2007 to Ethiopia’s Peaceful Revolution in 2018 Dr. Tedros was
complicit in the TPLF’s crime of genocide against the Somali people of
the Ogaden with the genocidal blockade of food and medicine to the
region. He was part of expelling the Red Cross and Doctors Without
Borders from the Ogaden during a series of Cholera outbreaks and in
helping deny medicine to the Somali Ogadenis he oversaw the deaths of
untold thousands during a series of historical droughts, famines and

Dr. Tedros did not just cover up cholera epidemics, he was complicit
in a medicine blockade to those affected.

And this ganster is today the head of the WHO? How the hell did this
happen? Deja Vu Anthony Lake, the CIA and UNICEF?

In 2016 a revolutionary situation was developing in Ethiopia with the
TPLF mafia’s days clearly numbered. Dr. Tedros read the writing on the
wall and made himself “available” to serve the interests of Pax
Americana at the UN. Being the USA is the major contributor to the WHO
his vetting for its head by the CIA was a must. Having demonstrated
suitablity for the job by overseeing genocide made him eminently
qualified and during the early days of the Trump Regime in 2017 he
made his move from the sinking ship in Addis Ababa to Switzerland and
the fat salaries of the UN.

Today he finds himself on the hot seat with a 100 year global flu
pandemic raging. For almost three years he remained quiet about the
almost total lack of preparation at the WHO for what numerous panels
had warned was inevitable, a highly contagious and deadly virus
quickly spreading across the world. Where were the stockpiles of
protective supplies the public health professionals called for,
repeatedly. Where were the stockpiles of medical equipment? Where were
the testing kits the esteemed Doctors urgently spoke of?

Where was Dr. Tedros? Holding press conferences expressing the urgency
of the matter? Raising a hue and cry about the potential for disaster
predicted by his professional colleagues?

Dr. Tedros was missing in action to put it simply, his silence was
deafening, just as was his silence when his “comrades” in the once
Marxist Leninist Hoxha-ite TPLF mafia in Ethiopia blockaded medicine
during a cholera epidemic.

No preparation leads to crisis management and Dr. Adhanom “admitting
mistakes were made” by this failure of leadership in the face of a
global crisis. But then what should we expect from someone who made
his bones complicit in mass murder in the Ogaden?

Thomas C. Mountain is an historian and educator, living and reporting
from Eritrea since 2006. See thomascmountain on Facebook and he can
only be contacted via email at thomascmountain at g mail dot com

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