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The Future Of The EU In The Wake Of Trump’s Betrayal

Alon Ben-Meir – Jul 19, 2018- -My visit to Brussels last week during the NATO annual conference was nothing short of bewildering and dismaying. Trump’s rampage against our most trusted and faithful allies sent shivers throughout the city, especially in the halls of the European Parliament where I spent considerable time talking to officials from different countries. They, and just about every other person I spoke with, were shocked to see and hear the President of the United States berating our closest allies, especially Chancellor Merkel of Germany and Britain’s Prime Minister May. He treated them as if they were junior business partners who failed to pay their dues while reaping much of the profits. Trump’s rage against them was appalling, displaying a complete lack of decency if not outright hostility.

These are the 70-year-old allies that stood by us through thick and thin, never wavered, demonstrated utter loyalty, willingly accepted American leadership, and took pride in an alliance that promoted peace and stability while safeguarding the principle tenets of democracy.

With unified resolve and unshakable commitment, they brought about the collapse of the Soviet Union, ushering in an unprecedented period of economic growth and prosperity while ensuring the national security of every member state and their allies outside Europe.

These are the allies who were the first to respond to the 9/11 attack on New York and Washington by evoking NATO’s Article V and stopped short of nothing to provide any aid and support to what they considered their most cherished ally – America – that stood by them in their hours of need throughout the Cold War and beyond.

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