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Somaliland is a place of stability in comparison with many African countries since it has regained its sovereignty from Somalia in 1991. Despite having no legal recognition from international community, it has been able to show a high-level of stability which does not exist in the other parts of Somalia in the past 27 years. It has managed to avoid many of the problems encountered by its neighbors. It has successfully conducted its last presidential election in 2017 in which the ruling party-Kulmiye won while the main opposition party-Waddani has accepted the results but accused the electoral commission of conducting irregularities and fraud demanding the president to dissolve the current commission.

According to Election Monitoring Office of Centre for Policy analysis in Hargeisa, the disagreement of Somaliland Political Parties can delay the preparation of the process in the upcoming elections as outlined by (EMO) in October 2018. The situation appears to be bad and the country is getting into deep coma as the rules and regulations remained a material of verbal expressions which give an opportunity to the opposition parties to demand something that the constitution does not allow according to the legal experts.

In order to reach a political solution over the current issues, President Muse Bihi Abdi and the leaders of the opposition parties met in the past September to discuss the fate of 2019 planned parliamentary and council elections which are now believed to be in a Limbo. After their meeting, the president and the party leaders have agreed to assign 6-member committee from each political party to start discussions on the future of Somaliland 2019 elections.

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