The Chilling World of Genetic Warfare  Excerpt from the recently published book “EXILE” by investigative journalist Janet Phelan:(*)

“I found a library and got a temporary pass to use the computer. Logging in, I started to search. Food poisoning in Santa Monica did not bear much fruit. I broadened the search to Los Angeles and other than some salmonella poisoning a few months back, I couldn’t see where anything came up.
“Look under food weapons,” said a voice behind me. I looked around to see the guy from the bus. “Sorry,” I muttered and picked up my pack and headed for the door.
“Genetic weapons…” he called after me.
Outside, the sun had already peaked and was beginning its slow descent towards darkness. I found a Chinese buffet and made several trips back to the food line without incident.
Back in my room, I called Pat Lambert. I got voice mail and left a message as to my whereabouts. I stretched out on the bed and tried to make sense out of what had happened. Food weapons? Genetic weapons? What did this all mean?
Within minutes, my heart started to pound. I could feel my energy begin to skyrocket at the very moment I began to feel dizzy.
I ran my hand along my side. The bedspread was damp.
I jumped up, terrified. The siege had begun.
Biological and chemical weapons are not new in the catalogue of methods of warfare and have been deployed throughout history. Medieval accounts record that the Mongols threw bodies of plague victims over the walls into the fortress of the the besieged Crimean city of Kaffa, sickening and killing untold numbers of their enemies. As early as the sixth century BC, the Assyrians have been recorded
as poisoning the wells of their opposition.
The coming of modern times found a refinement, not abandonment, of these methods. Chemicals came into primacy in WW I, and were heavily used on the battlefield. Subsequently, the use of poison and asphyxiating gas as well as bacteriological warfare was outlawed in the Geneva Protocol of 1925. Chemical assassination techniques remain favored by a number of state actors and, I was to learn, can take many forms and utilize a number of different delivery systems.
A favored technique would be to place the killer chemical, meant to induce a heart attack, onto areas that the target would use: doorknobs, bedding, faucet handles, etc. These techniques have been used by intelligence agencies with some success for decades.
The information culled from the Human Genome Project gave an added twist to already established methods of covert killing. Decades before, however, genetic weapons had caught the attention of Army scientists.
In 1970, The Military Review carried an article by Dr. Carl A. Larson, entitled “Ethnic Weapons.” In this article, Larson discussed the merits of using gene weapons against targeted populations. After a review of some of ethnic differences in enzyme production, Larson went on to expand on the implications of ongoing research.
Wrote Larson, “Surrounded with clouds of secrecy, a systematic search for new incapacitating agents is going on in many laboratories. The general idea, as discussed in open literature, was originally that of minimum destruction.”
However, his tone soon changed and he wrote, somewhat chillingly that “It is quite possible to use incapacitating agents over the entire range of offensive operations, from covert activities to mass destruction.”
He concluded with the following stark declaration:
“The enzymatic process for RNA production has been known for some years, but now the factors have been revealed which regulate the initiation and specificity of enzyme production. Not only have the factors been found, but their inhibitors. Thus, the functions of life lie bare to attack.”
In 1997, at a meeting of the Science and Ethics Department of the Medical Society of the United Kingdom, Dr. Wayne Nathanson warned the Society that “gene therapy” might be turned to insidious uses and result in “gene weapons,” which could be used to target specific people containing a specific genetic structure. These weapons, Nathanson warned, “could be delivered not
only in the forms already seen in warfare such as gas and aerosol, but could also be added to water supplies, causing not only death but sterility and birth defects in targeted groups.” (Source: /
In a 2003 paper, the Sunshine Project reported that “New technologies are indeed available to translate specific genetic sequences into markers or triggers for biological activity. And a recent analysis of human genome data in public databases revealed that hundreds, possibly thousands, of target sequences for ethnic specific weapons do exist. It appears that ethnic specific biological weapons may indeed become possible in the near future.” (Source: Emerging Technologies Genetic
Engineering and Biological Weapons, The Sunshine Project, Background Paper #12)
At the beginning of the millennium, a spate of articles appeared in as far flung publications as the Washington Free Press and the UK Telegraph citing concerns that the Human Genome Project was going to be used to further a eugenics agenda and to facilitate the removal of undesired traits or races.
In 2000, Robert Lederman authored an article entitled “The Human Genome Project and Eugenics,” appearing in North Coast Xpress, and noted that the connection between the HG Project and eugenics was discussed by the Human Genome Project itself. Lederman quoted directly from the HGP website: “Although it is easy to conceive of the Human Genome Project and genetic engineering as an entirely new epoch in scientific history, this is not our firstscale involvement with human genetics. Our current rush into the “gene age” has striking parallels to the eugenics movement of the early decades of the 20th century.
Eugenicists sought an exclusively genetic explanation of human development, neglecting the important contribution of the environment. Their flawed data were the basis for social legislation to separate racial and ethnic groups restrict immigration from southern and eastern Europe, and sterilize people considered “genetically unfit.”
Elements of the American eugenics movement were models for the Nazis, whose radical adaptation of eugenics culminated in the Holocaust.”
In a January 2000 article entitled “Genetic Bullets Ethnically Specific Bioweapons,” R. Roy Blake of the Washington Free Press reported that “Michael Risconscuito, the principal informant for investigative reporter Danny Casalaro (Casalaro died mysteriously a decade ago while researching the Justice Department’s purported theft of an intelligence software called PROMIS), alleged to Pacifica Radio that he had also been part of a secret intelligence effort to develop genetically specific bioweapons that could potentially reduce the earth’s population by a full twothirds.”
Shortly after Casalaro’s death, Risconscuito began to discuss these issues openly and was then almost immediately arrested on drug charges. He is still in prison.
Other authors have reported that the differences between groups of people are much smaller than the differences between individuals. (Source: Genetics, May 2007) In this manner, information culled from the HGP is more easily used to fashion a weapon against an individual than against a particular racial group.
At the Seventh Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention, held at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland in December of 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton herself issued this warning: “…the emerging gene synthesis industry is making genetic material widely available. This obviously has many benefits for research, but could also potentially be used to assemble the components of a deadly organism.”
In a classic example of “Attend to what I say, not what I do,” a Wikileaks cable release in 2010 found Hillary Clinton advising embassies to surreptitiously gather the DNA of heads of state and diplomats from foreign countries.
As reported in In The President’s Secret Service, by Ronald Kessler, efforts to protect Barack Obama’s DNA were the object of a special contingent of the Navy stewards, who were assigned to scurry around after the President, collecting and removing any traces of his unique genetic signature. The team has been reported as wiping clean glasses, picking up stray hair strands and collecting bedsheets to be sanitized or destroyed.
The database of citizen DNA has swelled to unimaginable numbers. The database includes not only the DNA culled by law enforcement agencies, now recorded at about 13 million samples in the FBI databank, but also the results of collection of newborn DNA, which has been ongoing in some states as far back as the 1970’s.
Given the developments in genetic science, there are clearly two offensive capabilities for the application of this type of research. One capability would be the development of ethnic weapons. This was a focus of Project Coast, the biological and chemical weapons arm of apartheid South Africa. Headed up by Dr. Wouter Basson, Project Coast was known to be developing a “blacks only” bioweapon back in the 1980’s.
Basson had ties to intelligence and laboratories in Great Britain and the U.S. According to scientists working closely with Basson and also conditionally anonymous FBI sources, Basson was successful in his endeavor to create a weapon which would attach onto melanin (darker skinned people have more melanin than does the white race) and produce the silent killers of hypertension and diabetes. The rates of these diseases in both the black races and also darker skinned indigenous peoples have skyrocketed since Basson’s tenure with Project Coast.
A comparison of the incidence of these diseases in dark skinned peoples living in the developed world with those still living in undeveloped societies supports this perception. The information provided was that this bioweapon was leaked into processed foods, and further research has verified that these diseases have spiked in the target populations living in cultures which eat processed foods. Those still living in native cultures and relying on cultivated rather than processed foods do not show the increased incidence of hypertension and diabetes.
The other offensive capability would be the development of a genetic weapon for use against an individual based on his (or her) unique genetic structure. None of which I knew back in 2002. The siege had begun and I had only one thought—staying alive. I stripped the bed and spent an uneasy night sleeping on the bare, stained mattress. As I lay there, I recalled a dream I had had when I was still living in that cottage in Long Beach. In the dream, I was sitting on the lawn in front of my cottage, cuddling Zacky who looked up at me and, making his speaking debut as Zack the Talking Cat said, “Watch out for the bedclothes. You are going to want to wash them every day or they will hurt you.”
I had almost forgotten that dream.”
by Janet Phelan

“Exile” Delivers With Power and Grace: Book Review
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Doctor Who Ran Biowarfare Unit Faces Sentencing

By Janet Phelan (*)
Dr. Wouter Basson, who headed up Project Coast, the biological and chemical warfare unit under South Africa’s apartheid government in the 1980′s, will face sentencing by the Health Professions Council of South Africa on June 5.
Basson (dubbed “Dr. Death” by the South African media) was found guilty in December of 2013 of charges that he “acted unprofessionally” in manufacturing and supplying poisonous substances to security forces during the apartheid era.
Basson was previously charged at the Truth and Reconciliation Hearings that took place in South Africa following the dissolution of the apartheid government. In 1999, he faced charges in Pretoria High Court for murder and fraud, among a total of 67 charges, for allegedly overseeing plans to poison Namibian fighters with muscle relaxants, to infect water with cholera, and to deliver a baboon foetus to intimidate Nobel Peace Prize winner archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu. His trial lasted two years and over 200 witnesses testified against him. He was the sole witness in his defense, which constituted a declaration that everything he did, he did as a soldier.
He was acquitted. Basson currently is a successful cardiologist in Cape Town.
Much of what Basson actually accomplished is still a secret. He was known to have been engaged in genetic research and to be developing a blacks-only bioweapon.
There is evidence that Basson was successful in this endeavor. According to a scientist who worked along side Basson under the apartheid government, this blacks-only bioweapon was to attach onto melanin (darker skinned people have more melanin in their skin). Citing his security agreement with the government, the scientist agreed to speak under conditions of anonymity, and stated he believed that Basson did in fact create this weapon.
Other sources indicate that this bioweapon was deployed on a grand scale, having been leaked into processed food. A confidential source in US intelligence stated that the spiking epidemic of the “silent killers” of hypertension and diabetes in people of color is due to the success of Basson’s research and subsequent deployment of a genetic weapon which attaches onto melanin and was leaked into the food supply.
The incidence of diabetes and hypertension in people of color has skyrocketed since Basson’s days with Project Coast. According to the National Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program (MOTTEP), 25% of African Americans between the ages of 65-75 have diabetes. The prevalence in women appears to even higher, with MOTTEP reporting that 25% of African American women over the age of 55 are afflicted with diabetes.
Hypertension is reported as most prevalent in the African American population. It affects about one out of every three African Americans, as opposed to one in five for the population at large. Complications of hypertension include heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and blindness.
Looking at another group with high melanin content in skin, MOTTEP reports that the rates of diabetes among native Americans are the highest in the world, with over 12% rate of diabetes in those over 19 years of age. Also reporting high are Latino- Americans, with 24% of Mexican Americans within the US and 26% of Puerto Ricans with diabetes.
According to the International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries, “from 1959 to the mid-1980s, medical statistics showed that the prevalence rate of diabetes in Africa was equal to or less then 1.4%, with the exception of South Africa, where the rate was estimated to be as high as 3.6% in 2001. But, by 1994, the continent-wise prevalence of diabetes mellitus stood at 3 million and was then predicted to double or triple by the year 2010.” In fact, the prevalence has more than tripled. According to the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF), the 2010 numbers for those afflicted with diabetes in Africa have exceeded 12million.Peculiarly, the WHO continues to report low prevalence in Africa.
Supporting a hypothesis of food-related increase in prevalence, the International Diabetes Foundation reports that: “The highest prevalences are among the ethnic Indian population of Tanzania and South Africa. There is also a marked urban/rural difference in diabetes prevalence, with consequent likely increases as more people move to urban areas.” (emphasis added) Those in urban areas would be more dependent, of course, on processed food. According to the IDF, “it is estimated that at least 1 in 20 deaths of those aged 20 to 79 years is due to diabetes. ”
The food connection was also reported by the Voice of America, although the emphasis was given to portion size rather thancontent. VOA reports: “Paul Madden, Project Hope’s senior advisor for non-communicable diseases, explained that diabetes is rapidly spreading throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and even other developing countries around the world, largely due to lifestyle changes. People generally are not as active as previous generations, and they are in jobs that require them to sit or stand for long periods of time. Another reason for the increase in the rate of diabetes is eating processed food.
“The way things are packaged, they’re often in bigger portion sizes than the body needs. So it’s the portion sizes, lack of activity. In some of the villages and towns and cities in Africa, it’s people are living longer, and as you live longer and get less active, and also taking in a few too many calories on some days, and if you do that over many years, you gain weight,” explained Madden.”
No kidding…
But is it the “Coca-cola syndrome”– that is, the increased sugar intake by those consuming processed foods– that has resulted in the diabetes epidemic or is it something else?
Back to our Dr. Basson. In a chilling admission by Dr. Basson, made during an interview with New York filmmaker Rob Coen several years ago, Basson crowed that developing the blacks only bioweapon was “the most fun I ever had.” Elsewhere in the video clip, Basson refuses to answer questions having to do with his relationship with US and British intelligence, connections which involved the now deceased Dr. David Kelly and trips to Langley.
At one point in the video, there is an effort to explain Basson’s bizarre admission as pertaining to work involved with sterilization. That work, however, could not be considered a genetic weapon and may be evidence of further attempts to obscure the exact nature of Basson’s work and its reach.
One thing is for sure. Dr. Wouter Basson appears to be tightly wrapped in teflon. His sentencing by the medical board this coming week will entail a possible fine, medical license suspension or probation. Whether his work as “Dr. Death” involved not only the murders of regime- unfriendly people years ago, but also involved a trajectory into the present health crisis among people of color, world wide, is a question that Basson apparently won’t be answering.
(*) Janet C. Phelan, investigative journalist and human rights defender. Article above exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.
UPDATE: Hearing results again in Postponement of Sentencing !!!
                 – the dark forces are still at play!

Sentencing of Dr Wouter Basson postponed

The Health Professions Council of South Africa says the sentencing of Dr. Wouter Basson has been postponed, due to the unavailability of his legal counsel.
The Professional Conduct Committee of the HPCSA found Dr. Basson guilty of unprofessional conduct on a number of counts, at a hearing held on December 2013.
He was found guilty of unprofessional conduct by the Council last December.
The Council charged Basson with breaching medical ethics when he manufactured and provided poisonous substances to apartheid security forces.
Basson risks losing his licence to practise as a doctor in South Africa or anywhere in the world.
The Council says a new sentencing date will be announced as soon as it has been set.
Accountability for Apartheid’s Agents – Why Doctor Wouter Basson Deserves to be Struck off the Medical Register

The People’s Health Movement condemns the postponement of Dr Basson’s sentencing and calls for him to be struck off the medical register
People’s Health Movement South Africa calls Civil Societies, our member and individuals to endorse the demand   and get involved in the forthcoming events.
Click here to endorse the statement or send an email to
There is also an online petition available here     Source . nodes
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