Somalia:Terrorists are going backwards in Somalia, says President, sending condolences after Beledweyne attack

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today sent his condolences to
everyone affected by a terrorist attacked against a police station in Beledweyne.

The President said: “My first priority is to send my personal condolences to
the victims and families affected by this stupid attack. AMISOM and Somali security
forces alike have paid a heavy price for their brave role in stabilizing Somalia. I
say this was a stupid attack because our enemies need to understand that these
attacks do nothing to advance their cause, however misguided. We are making great
progress while our enemies are on the back foot and reduced to sporadic and
self-defeating attacks with no regard to life. Al Shabaab wants to terrorise the
people while the government is bringing peace and stability to Somalia. The
government is committed to eliminating the threat posed by Al Shabaab.”

Security forces and the Hiraan regional administration are conducting an
investigation into the attack and the casualties. Further information will follow.


Abdirahman Omar Osman

Spokesperson and Senior Advisor