Tension, Suspicion and Fear in FCE Potiskum As Stakeholders Accuses Provost of unwholesome practices

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Mike Odeh James

There is an atmosphere of tension, suspicion and distrust at the Federal College of Education Technical Potiskum following the shortlisting of three candidates for the post of the provost of the Institution.

According to information gathered by our correspondent,

The Governing Council shortlisted only 3 candidates and invited them for the interview

Those shortlisted are:

Dr madu Mohammed Inusa Borno state

Dr Hassan Mohammed Niger state

There is also another invited candidate that DH can not ascertain his name as of the time of filing in this report but he is saud to be from Kano state

According to our source, out of the three persons invited for the interview only one is from the catchment area, the remaining two are not from states that made up the catchment area.

The source went on to finger Dr. Madu Mohammed Inusa from Borno as the only candidate from the catchment zone that was invited . Incidentally, he is currently the Acting Provost of the Institution .

According to a Senior lecturer at the school who prefer not to be named said

” There is no level playing ground. It is not competitive in nature but one sided to pave way to the current acting provost Dr madu Mohammed Inusa from Borno.

He went on to add,

” They have succeeded in manipulating the process by removing namesof those who would have posed a threat to Dr.Madu from the first list by using age as a criteria that is one should not be more than 59 years of age.

Another lecturer also added

” So many qualified candidates applied but council was mislead by NCCE to use age as criteria while our retirement age is 65.

“The 1993 act establishing federal colleges of education in Nigeria is violated. Such interview was conducted in FCE pankshin in Plateau state more than 18 candidates shortlisted. But our college only 3, he added


As early as February this year, some prominent indigenes of Yobe, particularly Potiskum expressed concerned that from all indications, their sons may be excluded from the whole exercise which sought to appoint a substantive Provost for the Institution in favour the Acting Provost .

This was followed by a press release by a group which claimed that the former Provost of the College, Malam Madu Mohammed had imposed the Acting Provost in order for the latter to cover up his murky acts during his tenure .

The group further alleged that both the former Provost and the Acting Provost in conjunction with others were plotting to manipulate the processes of appointment into the office of the Provost, Registrar and Bursar


The 17-year-old non-functional Dissolved Caretaker Committee (CTC) Chairman of FCE (T) Potiskum Alumni Association, in person of Dr. Suleiman Alhaji Dauda, a 1994 NCE graduate as NB/91/0017 (Accounting Education), Department Business Education from School of Business Education of F.C.E. (T) Potiskum, who is currently working with Federal University Gashua, Department of Economics has hindered the progress of the F.C.E (T) Potiskum Alumni Association since 2005 when it was made known of its existence to Alumni congress members to date. He has been manipulating the affairs of the Alumni Association to suit his personal interest claiming that insurgency has crippled them from conducting election while all programmes of FCE (T) Potiskum are going well.

Even though the electoral committee was constituted at an Alumni congress meeting in 2013 to conduct free and fair election.

He conspired with the immediate Corrupt Outgone Provost of the F.C.E (T) Potiskum, Malam Madu Mohammed (Who is currently swinging between EFCC Office and his Home), since 2013 and stagnated the Alumni Association in favour of protecting their selfish interests, including the recent illegal imposition of Mohammed Baba Fika, an ICPC Staff working with ICPC Zonal Office Bauchi, to represent
the Alumni Association in the College 7th Governing Council.

Despite the fact that Mohammed Baba Fika was cautioned by both his office colleagues and some dignitaries on the implications with regards to ICPC OFFICE CODE OF CONDUCTS but claimed that all is well.

An anti-corrupt Agent fully involved in corrupt practices, which is so unfortunate and highly condemnable. ICPC Officials came to the college for investigation on the Alumni Illegal issues, but the college management under the leadership of the current Corrupt Acting Provost, Dr Madu Mohammed Yunusa who is Highly Incompetent as vividly seen by the picture of Workshop Certificate below where he signed on Provost while he is on acting capacity. If we cannot say he is IMPERSONATING, then we can clearly say that he is INCOMPETENT and too desperate for the seat of Provost of the College at all cost.

Dr Madu Mohammed Yunusa equally manipulated his personal information (from 3 wives to … and children) on his CV all to be able to get qualified for the forthcoming recruitment of the College Provost, Registrar and Bursar, and many more dubious attitudes. Therefore, it is up to all the relevant stakeholders at the Federal Ministry of Education, FCE (T) Potiskum 7th Governing Council, Community Leaders, and the College Community to stand up firmly against this ungodly act and utmost desperation and do the needful in other to safe the feature of their sons and daughters, and equally prevent the FCE (T) Potiskum from becoming a corruption breeding ground.

The illegal imposition of Mohammed Baba Fika (who was illegally given a letter signed by his sister, Acting Registrar in person of Halima Madu Liman to represent Alumni Association in the College 7th Governing Council, who went ahead together with Acting Provost, Dr Madu Mammed Yunusa and get their illegally imposed candidate inaugurated in the College 7th Governing Council in June 2021 neglecting public office formal code of conduct even though they were verbally caution by Alumni members working with FCE (T) Potiskum and formally caution in writing early May 2021) has now been legalized by substituting him with Ibrahim Mohammed Dawasa of Electrical Department, FCE (T) Potiskum, whose letter of legalization was duly signed by both Chairman and Secretary of the Harmonized Alumni Association Caretaker Committee on 7th February 2022, copied to College Management, Secretary College 7th Governing Council and the Secretary Mediating Committee.

Electoral committee was constituted since mid-2013 with hope to conduct a smooth free and fair election but Suleiman Alhaji Dauda and Corrupt Outgone Provost, Malam Modu Mohammed hijacked everything and keep manipulating things up till the end of his tenure, even though he was challenged before the Presidential Visitation Panel (that came to college in May 2021) but lied to the Panel that he will fix things in place. His successor (Dr Madu Mohammed Yunusa) who promised to his Boss (Malam Madu Mohammed) that he will cover all his MESS when he was the Provost, then continued protecting the all the illegal missions of his boss. From 2013 to June 2021 there was no single Congress Meeting call by the Alumni CTC of which Article 13(b) of Alumni Constitution clearly said that CONGRESS MEETING SHALL BE HELD AT LEAST TWICE IN EVERY CALENDAR YEAR. At least 18 congress meeting could have been hold from 2013 to 2021 alone in case the constitution was respected.

On Saturday, 26th June 2021 while FCE (T) Alumni Association congress members gathered in a meeting to decide the fate of FCE (T) Alumni Association. On same day Dr. Suleiman Alhaji Dauda and Umar Baba Abdulmalik, who is working with FGGC Bauch, brought the minutes of their previous CTC meeting in which they were caught red handed claiming that in their previous meeting the CTC have unanimously agreed with the illegal imposition of Mohammed Baba Fika to represent the Alumni Association at the College 7th Governing Council, and that Mohammed Baba Fika would furniture the Alumni Office in the College Premises. It was instantly observed by one of the CTC members and equally all the CTC members present confirmed that there was nothing like that discussed in their previous CTC meeting, and therefore such inclusion should be removed from the minutes of their previous meeting.
On the other hand, the Alumni congress members passed vote of no confidence on the CTC and dissolved them, New CTC was constituted together with an electoral committee to run the affairs of the Alumni Association and conduct election.

The congress resolutions, the minutes of the meeting and attendance was sent to the College Acting Provost, Dr Madu Mohammed Yunusa on the 1st July 2021 and was duly acknowledged by his secretary. Two weeks later, on 10th July 2021, another congress meeting was held and the fate of Alumni Representative at the College 7th Governing Council was decided. Malam Adamu Garba happened to be the one nominated and unanimously agreed by all the members present at the congress meeting to represent the Alumni Association in the College 7th Governing Council. A notification letter was equally sent to the Acting Provost, Dr Madu Mohammed Yunusa on 23rd July 2021 and was duly acknowledged by his Secretary.

The New CTC sent two letters to the Acting Provost, one for Notification of Congress Meeting and the other for Request of Election Venue on 4th January 2022, both letters were duly acknowledged by the secretary of the Acting provost. To our greatest dismay, on the 10th January 2022 the Dissolved CTC post a notice on our platforms that they will hold Election in March 2022. The new CTC quickly met the Acting Provost and told him that since he is supporting Impersonation of the Alumni Association, he will be drag to court of law along with the Dissolved CTC Chairman. As it is clearly known to everyone that Congress Members have Supreme Powers over the Constitution, not to talk of Corrupt Dissolved CTC Members. There and then he constituted a three-man Mediating Committee Chaired by Malam Mohammed Auwal Ibrahim (COEASU Ex-Officio), Malam Bappayo (College Librarian) as Secretary and Dr Abdulkadir (Director Degree Programme) as member.
The Mediating Committee sat with both the New CTC and the Dissolved CTC separately, and later sat with both CTCs together. They were able to Harmonized the CTCs into one CTC. They equally resolved the issue of Alumni Representative in the College 7th Governing Council, where Mohammed Baba Fika (Who was illegally imposed) and Malam Adamu Garba (who was legally nominated and unanimously agreed upon at congress meeting) were set aside and Ibrahim Mohammed Dawasa was nominated and agreed upon by the Harmonized Alumni CTC as lasting solution. The Harmonized Alumni CTC members present at the meeting with the Mediating Committee include, Malam Adamu Garba, Zakar Sule Lampo, Samaila Audu Jovial, Suleiman Alhaji Dauda, Sherifatu Abdulsalam Atiyayi, John Adebayo and Alhaji Ibrahim Barde.

An insider has currently informed us about the plans of Dr Suleiman Alhaji dauda and Dr Madu Mohammed Yunusa (Acting Provost) of shifting the organized Alumni Association Maiden Election till further notice thinking that the New Executive Council of the Alumni Association to be elected on 26th February 2022 may not allow them to actualize their intended dubious plan of further using the illegally imposed Alumni Representative, Mohammed Baba Fika, in the College 7th Governing Council. We will therefore pray that may all their evil plans fail. The Acting Provost forgot or was completely carried away by sentiment that he is holding a Public Office, and not a Personal/Private Office. He should reply formally to formal all letters or call the parties to discuss on the letters and share the resolutions of the discussion with concerned parties.

It is therefore left for all members to stand on their feet and make sure that these evil people do not succeed with their evil plans of distracting the forthcoming Alumni Association Maiden Election. You may wish to confirm from any of the Mediating Committee Members and, as well from any of the Harmonized Alumni Association CTC Members present at the mediating meeting.

Thanks for reading as you wait for the full details.

Another lecturer also gave an insight into the grievances of the stakeholders in the Community .

” The Acting Provost had been accused of sweeping under the carpet he 56m substantiated misappropriation of funds by the former Provost

There is also another allegation of 28m which the former provost Mallam madu Mohammed was said to have included into salary within four years from 2013 to 2017.

“All these allegations were swept under the carpet with the assistance of the current acting provost Dr madu Mohammed Inusa.

The source added .

So far all attempts to reach the College Authority went unreply

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