Tarsan: “Godane kept nothern regions peaceful and messing around with souther region

Mareeg.com- Mogadishu (Sh M Network) — The Governor of Banadir region who is also the mayor of Somalia’s capital Mogasihu has stated that Alshabab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane who is the Leader of Alshabab fighters has kept the regions he hails from peaceful and has scrutinized  and intensified instability in regions dominated by Hawiye clans.Mr. Mohamed Mohamud Nur Tarsan who gave a long speech in front of 400 elders and intellectuals added that Godane’s region which has enjoyed reliable stability has developed compared to other regions taking examples of various universities and Hospitals built in the Northern regions of Somalia.“Godane has brain washed our children and has changed them to murderous and those who are being murdered day and night in south central Somalia” said Tarsan.The Mayor finally said that Godane’s fight against the central Government is a project and its main aim is to fade off development and investment in south central Somalia.The leader of Alshabab Ahmed Abdi Godane alia’s Sheik Mukhtar Abdirahman Abu zubeir hails from the Northern regions of Somalia known as Somliland