Dominique Moisi, a professor at L'Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), is Senior Adviser at the French Institute for International Affairs (IFRI) and a visiting professor at King’s College London. He is the author of The Geopolitics of Emotion: How Cultures of Fear, Humiliation, and Ho

The Battle for Russia

23rd March 2015 MAREEG 0

PARIS – When I heard the news about the assassination of the Russian politician Boris Nemtsov in Moscow, I was reminded of a conversation I once had with a Soviet [Read More]


Can Minsk 2.0 Save Ukraine?

19th February 2015 MAREEG 0

KYIV – The new ceasefire agreement for Ukraine was signed in Minsk almost one year to the day after Russian troops – their faces masked, their military insignias removed – [Read More]


Why Ukraine Needs Weapons

18th February 2015 MAREEG 0 – It has become something of a mantra among diplomats and other foreign-policy analysts that there is no military solution to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The only [Read More]

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