Summary of somali Government’s work& Security Activities in the Past Week

 The Minister of Information, Mohamed Abdi Hayir ‘Mareeye’, briefed the media on the development and security activities of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) in past week.

 Detailed activities that took place in the past week including: “HE the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, signs into law the Human Rights Bill; Kismayo’s Police Commissioner establishes a communications unit; Danab commandos launch a military operation in Sunguni; the FGS implements its marine resources strategy; the FGS implements the customary law of conflict resolution; exploratory debates on regional state boundaries held in Mogadishu; HE the Minister of Defence attends the conclusion of SNA Training; al-Shabaab militiamen were flushed out of the Luq Jelow, Hiiraan; New Market Opens in Warsheikh district, Middle Shabelle; and HE the President of Somalia closed the Somali Diaspora forum in Mogadishu.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Signs into Law the Human Rights Bill

Kismayo’s Police Commissioner Establishes a Communications Unit

Danab Commandos Launch a Military Operation in Sunguni, Middle Jubba

The FGS Implements its Marine Resources Strategy

The FGS Implements the Customary Law of Conflict Resolution

Exploratory Debates on Regional State Boundaries Held in Mogadishu

  Minister of Defence Attends the Conclusion of SNA Training

al-Shabaab Militiamen were Flushed out of Luq Jelow, Hiiraan

New Market Opens in Warsheikh district, Middle Shabelle

 President of Somalia Closed the Somali Diaspora Forum in Mogadishu

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