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Speech by the chair of Somali bantu community in America

By Eng. Yarow Sharif -Columbus, OH-Its pleasure and honor for me to be here with you tonight. When we meet in such events in the diaspora, we always look

back and try to fix problems facing our people back home. We all know that Somalia plunged into a deep hole, but that is not the end of the world. It’s a test to give us some challenges that will lead to positive transformation to our country and to our people.


Tonight. I can see many familiar faces from the Bantu community in Jubba regions of southern Somalia, and we all know how we ended up here. Discrimination, Injustice, apartheid and many other atrocities are among the issues that made all of us refugees in different corners of the world.


We want to fix all these problems, we want to have an inclusive government, and we want to bring justice and equality in our country Somalia.


Somalia is a great country with diversity of people who formed what we call today ”The Republic of Somalia”, but unfortunately, after the independence injustice and discrimination were imposed to some groups of the Somali society.


Today, with this modern world of 21st century, I believe that we have learnt a lesson that injustice does not build a country, but it destroys it.


Our people are today divided into sub clans and this is something to worry, because it’s not a good indication for any nation in the world to live in such divisions.


My fellow Somali Bantu in USA who gathered here today, I have a message for you.

I know and you know that we are in a long journey of seeking our rights and equality in our country. You can see how division has plunged Somalia into trouble.


The first thing you need to put in your mind is unity. Unity is the key for everything.


Without unity we cannot succeed in our struggle of seeking justice and equality. Nations have prospered because of unity. Look at USA, look at UK, look at China, look many African countries and others, they are all in better shape because of unity.


Now, if such big nations sought development through unity, why not us. Why the Bantu community in Jubba regions do not follow the suit and unite. You may be belonged to certain sub clans within the Bantu community, but that does not mean you disintegrate in your cause of seeking justice and equality.


You need to foster your efforts through unity. Unity is Power, Unity is a solution, Unity makes people and their nations strong.


The federal system in Somalia cannot prosper and succeed if justice is not observed. We know how Jubba administration was formed. Its full of irregularities, injustice and discrimination.

Some may wonder why the international community is supporting such a system, but I believe they do so because of trying to help Somalia, but without knowing the truth.


Somalia history has been deliberately distorted in order to deny the rights of people in the country. The Bantu community has for long sought their rights through peaceful mean and is determined to continue in such way.


But, now with terrorist groups as Al Shabab, we fear that grievances of these marginalized people will be used as a mean to woo them in joining terrorism. We want a new Somalia that enjoys peace with its self, peace with its neighbors and with the rest of the world I urge you my people to strengthen your struggle to live in peace, justice and dignity in your country. Think together, work together and have a common goal of helping your selves and your people.


Unity is Power, Unity is the base of your struggle.

God Bless you



Abdi Suleiman, President of Dulmi Diid (Somali Bantu Community)

Email: aminow53@hotmail.com

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