somaliland:Requiem for Somaliland – a Useless Tyranny

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2008-05-20-Requiem for Somaliland – a Useless Tyranny  (
Following the UN Security Council Resolution 1814 on Somalia, which (insisting on
Somalia´s integrity) is a bulldozer for the breakaway pseudo-state of tyrant
Riyale´s gang, i.e. the shameful puppets of the Abyssinian Tigray dictator Zenawi,
the mood was terrible over the past few days in Hargeysa, the provincial town that
became the hypothetical capital of the non-existing country, Somaliland.

The Somalis who don´t want to be Somalis but miserable and execrable slaves of the
Neo-Nazi Abyssinian regime, all those around the clown Riyale, who desperately tried
for many years to impersonate the president of a non-country without convincing
anyone in the world, had a festival of their own: the Feast of the High Treason,
i.e. the day they declared their “independence” before 17 years. On May 18, Somalis
entrapped within the circumference of the Stigma Somaliland were forced every year
to join the systematically organized activities
to possibly demonstrate their support of these treacherous and unrepresentative

The spectacles were never as impressive as those of the late Romanian dictator
Ceausescu but still they confused some foreigners; however, the incredible reports
about the appalling violations of Human Rights in Somaliland created a negative
picture that guaranteed that no country recognizes the otherwise unnecessary realm.

This year, the limited participation in the Feast of Shame made clear to the few
foreigners who happened to be in the northeastern part of Somalia that the outright
majority of the inhabitants disapprove of the tyrant Riyale, and at the same time
reject the perspective of a separation from the rest of Somalia. The deliberately
totalitarian measure of canceling the presidential elections, which would have given
another president in that province and would have brought Somaliland closer to the
rest of the Somali, may be one

The rising criminality, the accentuated poverty, the exorbitant prices, the
increased number of the jobless and the drug users, the explosions, the insecurity,
the totalitarian practices of oppression, the servility toward the Abyssinian tyrant
Zenawi, the overall discontentment, the prevailing chaos, the fear and the
conviction that the end is very close kept all feelings very low, rendering the
situation terribly gloomy.

Only to add to this negative atmosphere, the totalitarian regime did not miss the
opportunity to unveil its racist and discriminatory feelings against all the non
Isaaq Somalis who have been engulfed in the inauspicious and ill-fated territory.

As the biases of Riyale´s tribal Isaaq regime are mainly directed against the
eastern provinces of
Somaliland, namely Ayn, Sool and Sanaag, places were Riyale does not dare go
(knowing that he would return only dead), police authorities detained several
people who happened to pursue a cleaning campaign on May 18. Detained
incommunicado, the prisoners may face extraordinary charges, and be constrained to
stay in jail for many years.

Human Rights activists and international NGOs should mobilize their forces against
this incredible practice and exercise every means of pressure over Hargeysa for the
release of the detainees.

A report published in the Somali portal Somali Press Review focused on this atrocity
and I find it necessary to reproduce it here integrally. When a tyrannical regime
arrests and imprisons people because they simply clean the streets, being engaged in
an otherwise honorable campaign, we realize that its days are numbered.

The event bears witness to the unprecedented hatred that the Issaaq corrupt and
administration cultivates against the Somalis of Sanaag and Sool in particular. Who
could call them a ´nation´?

Somaliland authorities in Las Anod detain ´cleaners´

Las Anod (Somali Press Review, May, 18)—Somaliland authorities in Las Anod detained
at least seventeen people who have embarked on a cleaning campaign which Puntland
administration used to conduct on 18 of May to coincide with celebrations for
Somaliland secession day. “The detained persons were told off by Las Anod district
administration officials but they proceeded with cleaning streets. It is a not day
for cleaning. It is a day of celebration” said a spokesman for Las Anod

The cleaning day was introduced by a former Las Anod mayor who was an ally of Mr.
Ahmed Habsade, former Puntland Minister of Home Affairs, and now a Hargeisa based
turn-coat politician who is lobbying hard to
replace Suleiman Mahmud Adam, chairman of Somaliland House of Elders (Guurti).
Meanwhile May 18 day was celebrated in Las Anod. Young men wearing t-shirts
emblazoned with Somaliland ruling party´s logo have walked in Las Anod main road.
They were carrying slogans and were in festive mood.

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