Somaliland: The Clowns of the Lost Recognition, and their End

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-Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis-May 12, 2008-It was just a myth; that of a part of Somali territory being calm and ´still´ functioning as a state. The myth was enhanced by narratives about the peaceful image
of Berbera, the illegal harbour of the permanently anti-Somali Abyssinians in …

The myth sounded logical; many believed that some Somalis wished to keep their lives
far from the Mogadishu troubles. It could be true.

The myth was enriched with reconfirmations, justifications and explanations based on
historical events. Northwestern Somalia had indeed crossed difficult times during
the Siyad Barre presidency in the 80s.

Then, the myth started being transformed into an anecdote. If peace is preserved in
Hargeysa, during the Civil Strife in the Somali South, why does the precarious and
unrecognized state of Somaliland demand international recognition? Why on earth
can´t the Hargeysa authorities discuss with the other Somalis, why can´t they help
set up an all-Somali conference where everything will be discussed and a compromise
will be reached in order to let all cohabitate under a re-unified Somalia?

As questions started arising about the possible intentions of the Hargeysa
administrators (do not call them ministers or president, if you please!), the
Somaliland anecdote turned out to be the Hargeysa comedy. Treacherously elected gang
members went on with declarations of divisiveness and discord. Because of having
been mistreated by someone who is not alive and whose collaborators can be retraced
today throughout Somalia, among all parts, territories and parties, the Hargeysa
clowns ´decided´ that the prefab ´Somaliland´ should go alone, and embarked on an
all-consuming, unrealistic, heart-breaking, quixotic, and definitely un-Somali
effort to obtain an otherwise impossible recognition.

The so-called Hargeysa ministers became the Clowns of the Lost Recognition, and every
foreign visitor who happened to belong to an elected or unelected government was
portrayed as herald of Somaliland´s recognition. But the recognition never came!
Even worse, those who promised help did not deliver, and this happened despite the
facilities offered to them.

We talk of course about the traditional, historical, and vicious enemies of Somalia,
the Abyssinians; they promised help, if offered facilities at the Berbera harbour.
What would become of Abyssinia, fallaciously re-baptized Ethiopia, if Somaliland
closed it borders or asked the same high customs duties as those demanded at the
Djibouti harbour? Yet, the Abyssinian allies of the Hargeysa ignorant, inexperienced
and panicked rulers have a local liaison office at Hargeysa that they don´t dare
promote to the level of consulate or embassy, as it would signify direct recognition
of Somaliland. Why? The reason is simple; if they do so, they may eventually
influence other countries
in doing so. This does not correspond to the real interests of the Neo-Nazi
Abyssinian gangsters around the Tigray tyrant Meles Zenawi; if this happened, they
would lose all the leverage they have been exercising over Hargeysa. The Hargeysa
clowns are therefore constrained to play in a tragedy.

Try to find a so-called ´Ethiopian´ embassy at Hargeysa or Somaliland´s reps
( in any official document
You will fail! The Abyssinians are not like the Turks who recognized the Turkish
Republic of Northern Cyprus, despite the fact that no other country in the world did

Thus, the Hargeysa tragic fellows depended more and more on the false promises of
their Abyssinian despisers who masqueraded as friendly advisers deeply loath them as
they have always hated the Somali nation in its entirety. Direct consequence
of the evil Abyssinian hatred of Somalia is the continuously malicious advice the
Abyssinian governor of Somaliland has been giving the pathetic Hargeysa rulers.

Even worse, the baseless regime of Hargeysa, to please their hypocritical masters,
entered into shameful deals of treachery, extraditing Ogadeni Somalis to the Tigray
cannibals of Zenawi.

The heinous and rancorous Abyssinian pseudo-friends of Somaliland turned thus their
Hargeysa lackeys against all the other Somalis; at the same time, they directed them
against their own territory´s inhabitants, and their own tribe´s members. The Isaaq
Somalis may certainly have rightful complaints to discuss with other Somalis, but
they never ceased to be genuine Somalis, like all the rest. A certain number among
them have been entrapped in the myths narrated by the Hargeysa gangsters around
Riyale for 17 consecutive years, but this has ended by now, as truth became evident
to all. Even fewer
may have supported the Riyale regimes because of tribal connections and
affiliations; they now realize that the regime of their friends and relatives is
totally unrepresentative.

As the situation has become clear, and Riyale´s mask has fallen, practically
speaking all the Somalis of NW Somalia have realized that the anti-Somali tyranny
established by the Abyssinian puppet Riyale has no legitimacy at all after May 15,
day when a newly elected president would have been invested in Hargeysa, if the
presidential elections had not been cancelled.

Even Nationalists in Somaliland turned against Riyale!

That´s why the decomposition and the final collapse of the treacherous Somaliland
regime is going to be the next major development in Somalia. Northern Somalis use
already very marked terms to describe the situation and call for an End of the Evil
rule in Northwestern Somalia.

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