Somaliland releases three Somalia government staff members administration has released three senior Somalia government staff members arrested in Hargeysa late on Saturday.

According to local sources the three people from Somalia Presidency, Office of the Prime Minister and the Foreign Ministry were detained by the Somaliland police in Hargeysa airport shortly after their flight from Mogadishu landed.

Sources in Hargeysa confirmed that the three government employees were releases on Sunday and were allowed to continue their flight to Addis Ababa.

Somaliland information minister has said that they have released the employees after they investigated the reason for their travel.

The detained individuals are namely; Jama Mohamed Jama, a senior protocol officer for Somalia Presidency, Abdiasis Adan woring for the Foreign Ministry and Fahima Urur Nageye, a female assistant working at the Prime Minister’s office.

Somaliland, a region on the north of Somalia has declared its breakaway from Somalia in 1991 but has not gained any international recognition.

The Federal Government of Somalia does not regard Hargeysa or any other Somaliland towns as a foreign land and does not necessary require for a visa or passport for someone from Somalia.