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Somaliland regrets EU Berbera project signed with Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The Ministry of Planning and National Development of Somaliland fulfilling in mandate to administer, facilitate and coordinate the role of international development partners is hereby responding and clarifying to the public and our international development partners that:


  1. Somaliland, represented by the Ministry of Planning and National Development is deeply regretting Mogadishu politicizing the agenda towards the development assistance and cooperation between Somaliland and its development partners.


In accordance with the Ankara and Djibouti Communiqués, in which the two panties (Somaliland and Somalia) agreed to work together by ensuring that the development assistance be more effective and that aid would not be politicized, but it looks that our neighboring Mogadishu administration is breaking this agreement again as they did several times before.


  1. The Government of Somaliland has the sole decision making to decide on all matters concerning Somaliland and its affairs, and the press statements made by the Federal Government of Somalia concerning the so called “Eng. Yarisow Project- have nothing to do with Somaliland and .ly concerns Mogadishu;


  1. The Somaliland has collaborated with the European Union about the INCLUCITY- Support to inclusive development project and the project is considered to be fully align with Somaliland’s National Development Plan Il as indicated in the project document, and the Grant Agreement of the project will be signed by the Government of Somaliland, represented by the Ministry of Plarming and National Development.


  1. The Somaliland is regretting that the Mogadishu Administration is using the tax-payers money of the European Union countries to damage the integrity of Somaliland and its people.


  1. The Government of Somaliland will not accept anything that jeopardizes its sovereignty.


  1. The Federal Government of Somalia’s approach only jeopardizes the regional stability and creates animosity among the peoples of the two countries.


  1. We call upon the Federal Government of Somalia to refrain from such acts that are contravening existing agreements and do not serve any useful purpose.

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